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Unofficial PR

Posted Apr 23 2013 4:34pm
April 100 Update 82.09 miles

I was never running a 5K again said Pouty Steffi Pants all of a month ago. Then last Saturday happened and I ran another 5K . And PR'd. I've been obsessively (that's an understatement) checking for results only to find they haven't been published... until today. No, I'm not normal and please, don't try to be like me. One is plenty, thank you.

I found the results today and to my dismay, my time wasn't captured. sad face. However, my #heartsforboston was! And I made a super pretty face for the camera as an added bonus. This picture puts me at 24:02 or 24:03 so I'm going with 24:03 as a finishing time. I've decided that if I post it on AHL it's pretty much official so YAY! New 5K PR!!

Update: It should come as no surprise that I emailed the Race Director regarding this missing PR. The reason I run is to beat my previous time (and so I can eat lots and lots of chocolate) so this is muy importante to my future running career. Drama Queen.

My OFFICIAL PR is 24:05, not 24:08 and not 24:03. I'm skittles happy about this new time.
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