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Unna Boot Compression Therapy

Posted Oct 31 2012 1:12am
I love searching around to find solutions to some of my health or medical problems through internet. I find a lot of informations that helps me deal with some of my health issues. One of which is my foot pain.
As I was searching around the internet to find a quick and effective solution for my foot pain, I found this Unna Boot website. Unna Boot is a medicated bandage that provides compression therapy to control venous ulcers, venous insufficiencies, and some orthopedic issues. It contain zinc oxide and calamine to help comfort the skin and prevent skin irritation. Although it is commonly used for patients who are in a wheelchair or bed, I am still interested to try it for my foot pains and other joint and muscle pains.

It says that it is gauze that will mold evenly to the limb. It is a bandage that will be forms like a cast that will give pressure. The calamine present on this product will help prevents skin irritation.

I still have to make few research befor buying and using this one because I dont want to waste my time and money for something that will not work for me. And also, I want to make sure that I will not give any side effects in the future.

The orthotics I am using is not working in my case, and I feel that the pain on my heels is getting worst each day. I need something that will comfort the pain that is more natural and doesn't need any prescribed medication.
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