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Unlocking the possibilities of homeopathy for emotional and physical health

Posted Sep 21 2010 4:43am

Marybeth Buchele
George Washington, the father of our country, died of a chill after riding his horse in the rainy countryside.

He most probably would have lived -- if he had been treated with homeopathy.

Instead, he was "bled" of three pints of blood by the doctors of his day, a practice that weakened his already fragile health.

Marybeth Buchele, a master homeopathic practitioner, shared many stories about this proven alternative medical model of treatment in August when she visited Lake House Health & Learning Center for the first time. She's returning Oct. 19-21 to provide more good health information on gentle flower essences and healing Winter colds and flu. See calendar for details.

Homeopathy -- little known in the United States but very popular and well respected in Europe and India -- is good treatment for so many maladies, from bee stings and backaches to asthma and anxiety.

Medicine -- made from minute amounts of herbs, minerals and other things -- come in forms of tinctures and tiny pellet-like pills. Unlike the traditional medications from the Western model of treatment, there are virtually no side effects and significant changes may be experienced within months.

As a psychotherapist, I like the concept that emotional conditions respond well to these treatments, and have begun suggesting homeopathy to the people I work with, especially those who have found that conventional psychiatric medications have not been helpful.

Here are some snapshots from Marybeth's August presentation:

  • People interested in simple homeopathy can begin by experimenting with basic homeopathic remedies for skin irritations, bruises and other aliments. These remedies are typically available at health food stores and other shops that sell natural medicines as well as online.

  • It is not suggested to self treat chronic conditions, such as allergies, such as inflammation, gastric and intestinal disorders, stomach or head pain and many more ailments.

  • Substances such as coffee, mint, eucalyptus, camphor and tea tree oil will prevent homeopathic remedies from working properly. You will need to find alternative toothpastes -- must of which contain mint -- and read labels carefully while being treated.
Marybeth will also give a special presentation for Mind Body Spirit Wisconsin Meetup members on Oct. 20. To join the Meetup group, click here .
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