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Unique Toddler Bedding Ideas to Inspire the Young Parent

Posted Jan 24 2013 8:29am


One of the biggest moments in a toddler ’s young life is when the toddler makes the transition from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed. To help make this moment as special as possible, you should make sure that the bed that your toddler is moving into is as wonderful as possible. Here are some creative bedding ideas to inspire the young parent.

The Smooth Transition

When children are anxious to movie into a bed, sometimes parents are anxious about their safety. One way to relieve parent’s anxiety is by using a bed that is a cross between a crib and a bed. These crossover beds have rails around most of the bed to keep the child from rolling off while they are sleeping. However, there is an opening to let children climb in and out of the bed whenever they want to.

The Low Bed

Many parents are helping their toddlers make the transition to a bed with low beds. Using a bed that is as low to the ground as possible helps children make the transition in a number of ways. It makes it easy for the child to get in and out of the bed. It also makes the bed less intimidating for the toddler. Beds that are low to the ground are also safer, reducing the chances of injury if the child should happen to fall out of the bed.

Making the Bed as Safe as Possible

No matter what kind of bed you use for a child’s first bed, you want to make it as safe as possible. One way to do this is to get detachable side rails. These rails will be put away most of the time, but parents can put them up when they tuck their toddlers in at night. The rails will keep restless sleepers from accidentally rolling out of the bed.

You also may want to put a thick rug down at the side of the bed. Toddlers are not the most balanced individuals, which means they will probably fall out of their beds at some point in time. You can reduce the risk of injury when they fall out of the bed with a thick rug at the side of the bed.

Make It Comfortable

You also want to make the experience of transitioning to a bed as comfortable for the child as possible. Outfit the bed with cotton rich sheets for luxury. Many parents will find that 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets will help their child enjoy the transition.

Author Bio

Hayley is an interior designer, blogger and proud mother of two young daughters.

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