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Under Armour What's Beautiful Campaign

Posted May 12 2013 8:30pm
This is my friend Alexis .
We are both bloggers , FitFluential Ambassadors , and girls who like to lift heavy weights. We both lift heavy and workout hard and we look totally different.
Why am I making this point? Because all women are beautiful and what's beautiful is more than just the exterior.  I think fit women who push, grunt, and sweat are beautiful.  

Women need to stand together to celebrate what's beautiful in all of us.  Are you with me?

Under Armour has recently launched the third round of their What's Beautiful campaign and I'm happy to be one of many FitFluential Ambassadors (like Alexis) who were asked to be part of a campaign spread the word.
So what exactly is Under Armour's What's Beautiful campaign ?
  • It's redefining fitness goals for women and getting the she-athletes to push each other past our boundaries.
  • Visit their What's Beautiful site, create a profile, and declare your goal.
  • Along the way you can follow other women, complete challenges, and encourage others.
  • You can join or form a team that shares a similar goal or passion.
I had a hard time picking my goal at first.  I went for a 4:15 marathon initially, but I wanted something I could accomplish in the 8 weeks of the campaign.  So I thought, "What would make me feel tough and accomplished?" Push-ups! I want to be able to do a lot of push-ups.  
I'm going to make mini-goals along the way and do 100 push-ups without rest in just 7 short weeks.

I also wanted to form a team to share my fitness passion.  Ladies STRONG IS SEXY! Lean muscles look good on.  And how do you get them? By lifting heavy.  I hate the stigma that lifting heavy weight bulks you up.  
Join Team Fit2Flex and I encourage you to pick up a dumbbell heavier than you usually use.  Then in 4 weeks go up once more.  I know you will see and feel that change.  That's beautiful.
Besides the inspiration and power behind this campaign there are prizes.  Under Armour will pick winner's each week to win a swag bag and at the end of the 8 week for lucky ladies will be sent to Costa Rica.  How do you say "pick me" in Spanish?

Are you ready?
Visit the What's Beautiful site . Declare a goal. Join my team . Make a team. Be a force...because you're beautiful!

What's your 8-week fitness-related goal? 
What's your DREAM BIG fitness goal?
Do you lift heavy? 

Love and #IWILL,
Carissa & Kyle
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