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Un-Boxing Spirituality

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:46pm

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Do you keep yours in a box, only to be pulled out during certain times of the day or only on specific days of the week?  Do you place yours in the shadow of the day only to be pulled out when you are alone? Do you keep your spirituality in a box, only to be brought out when you make the time to meditate or pray?

We often hear people speaking of how they “practice” spirituality as if they were talking about how they practice playing tennis. We live busy lives and it is sometimes easier for us to compartmentalize what we do in life, such as being a parent, a business person, a co-worker, a lover, a spouse, etc. In doing so, many people are also apt to compartmentalize things like religion, relationships and spirituality. We even have sayings that demonstrate our attempt at compartmentalization such as “Please understand this is business, not personal”.

Many people do keep their spirituality in a box and only bring it out when they are ready to meditate, pray or participate in some other form of culturally defined spiritual behavior. Interesting that some people attempt to limit their spirituality to such a degree when in fact we are spiritual beings! The fact is we are spiritual beings having a human experience, yet more often then not, we tend to believe we are humans that choose to have a spiritual experience when it is convenient to do so or when we are in cultural situation where spirituality is accepted or expected.

The funny thing is that try as we might we can never truly separate ourselves from our spirituality, we can attempt to create distance; however we can never be separate, for to be separate would to not “be”. We are, therefore we must be. In other words, how we live our life, what we do in this world is our spiritual practice!

When we attempt to compartmentalize our spirituality we are in essence attempting to create distance from our spirit and in doing so we create an environment which we feel frustration, depression and other indicators that we are out of alignment. Some people verbalize this feeling by saying, “I feel off today, or I feel out of sorts” and they have a difficult time pinpointing why they feel “off”. Attempt to create enough distance and we become so out of alignment with our authentic self that we begin to manifest physical ailments as well as emotional and mental issues.

When we are aware of our spirituality and we live our spirituality we are therefore being our authentic self and we are in alignment with our spirit and therefore with our source.  When we un-box our spirituality and become aware that the spirituality that we practice is what we think, say and do every moment of every day then we are in position to live a life aligned with spirit. To live aligned with spirit, is to live on purpose and to live in joy!

Some people may say that to live every moment in spiritual awareness would have a negative impact on their daily achievements. The ego speaks loudly and attempts to persuade us that to live in spirit is to live without ambition, to live without purpose and to live without the ability to succeed in the day to day world. This my friend is one of the biggest lies we tell our self. It may seem true on the surface, however I know personally that one can achieve the successes of this world and do so in spirituality, do so in love and do so without harm to ourselves or others.

Living your spirituality creates an alignment with the universe which assures you success in all aspects of your life. Of course the thing we need to remember is that success comes dressed in many ways and that what you once, or better yet  what your ego defined as success may be different that what your spirit knows is success.

Remember you are a spiritual being and therefore all that you think, say and do is your spiritual practice! Apply this one thought to your day and you may be amazed at how transforming un-boxing your spirituality can be!

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