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Umbilical Hernia Surgery Los Angeles

Posted Mar 09 2012 6:56am
groin hernia and sports hernia LosAngeles
If you have an umbilical hernia, it is important that you seek out the proper treatment to avoid any unwanted complications By avoiding umbilicalhernia repair Los Angelesdoctors say that if the hernia gets trapped, or strangulated, it will cut of the blood supply to the hernia causing serious problems. Such problems includegangrene or peritonitis . This is why it is best to consultwith your doctor about your hernia to decide ifhernia surgery Los Angelesis right for your case.
If it has been determined that you need to have surgery to repair your hernia, you will probably receive anesthesia. If the hernia is small enough, your doctor can administer an epidural block to help and relax you, stay pain free, and remain awake. Once you have become numb the doctor will make an incision under your belly button to find the hernia and separate the tissue around it. Then the surgeon will be able to gently push the intestine back into its place in the abdomen. There will be no cutting done to the intestines unless damage has been done. With a few stitches the hole or weak spot caused by the hernia can be repaired. Sometimes, hernia mesh is used to reinforce this weak spot.
Umbilical hernias can also be repaired using a method called laparoscopy. With the use of a laparoscope, doctors can see inside the belly. This camera can be inserted through a small incision and another incision can be used for instruments.
Most of the time, umbilical hernias can be repaired in an outpatient procedure. However, if it is a very large hernia the patient may need to stay a short time in the hospital. After surgery, the doctor and nurses will check on your vitals to make sure everything checks out. Also, your doctor will prescribe you with pain medication to help you stay comfortable and also antibiotics to fight off any potential infections. The nurse will also show you the proper method for caring for your incision after you leave the hospital. In about 3 weeks you should be back to your old self doing all the normal activities.
However, make sure that you do not return to work or sports before you have seen your doctor and they have given their approval. The last thing you want to have to go through again is another hernia repair. Take all the rest you need to ensure the best recovery possible.
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