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Um yeah… so its been ...

Posted Aug 12 2011 10:23pm

Um yeah… so its been a while…. a long while. I basically started a new job and then two weeks later got married, so you can say things have been CRAYZAY lately and I have been juggling longer hours at work/ wedding planning/ spending time with my new hubby and I just didn’t have much time to fit in the bloggy. I am sorry. But now I’m baaacccckkk! I’m probably not going to be able to be as consistent as I was, but I will not be gone for as long again!


OK, so lets see where did we leave off. Last time I posted I was a Miss. and now I am a Mrs!

As of July 23 I am a married woman! HoLy CrapoLy!


Our wedding was absolutely perfect!

The day started out slow. I slept at my parents house the night before and woke up super early. I ate a good breakfast, did some relaxing yoga and played about a million games of snood. I wasn’t very nervous, more anxious for the wedding fun to begin!  And once it began it all flew by with the wink of an eye.  Soon my hair and make up were done. The flowers arrived. The photographers were there, and we were piled in the limo on our way to my wedding!

The day was super hot so I think all of our guest were happy that  the ceremony was short and sweet! Pat and I are huge music fans so music was one of the most important aspects of both the reception and the ceremony. Prior to the start of the ceremony we had instrumental Beatles music. Then as my bridesmaids walked down the isle, we had the Beatles “ All you need is love ” and as I walked down the isle, Grupo Capobianco’s version of “all you need is love” played. (I’m kinda obsessed with this version for some reason, oh yeah, because its awesome!)

Then after the formalities of me putting the ring on Pat’s right hand and him marring the JP (he looked at her the whole time he said his vows (he is never going to live that down…haha)) we were married and the closing song was the Beatles “ I’ve just seen a face

We both love the Beatles. Their music is CLASSIC and we though it would be perfect for our ceremony. And it was just that. Perfect!

After the ceremony our guests headed inside to cool off with while we took some pictures! I can’t wait to get the photographers pictures back!







Once the photos were taken we headed in to see the reception space. It was beautiful, the cake, the flowers. Everything. Perfect!











The night started off with some rocking introductions. I thought our guest would be a little afraid of what they were in store for based on our intro musical selections, but we made the right choice for us.  Our bridesmaids and groomsmen were introduced to Motley Crue “ Kick start my heart ” while Pat and I came into  The Darkness “ I believe in a thing called love

And if that wasn’t enough, our first dance was to Quiet Riot “ Afterglow

I got all most of my 80′s hair band fill for the night so everyone else wouldn’t have to suffer, but you know what, I think the high energy songs really got people pumped. Never before have I seen every single guest on the dance floor dancing there faces off before the first course!

I really have to say it was a perfect night.

I didn’t get cake smashed in my face.


My Bridesmaids looked beautiful

My groom is a Stud.

My dad was surprised by our father daughter dance.

Half way through our dance to James Taylor “You got a friend. The DJ make the music seem like the record scratched, (like they even use records anymore. (“What’s a record?” young children might be asking), and went into “ Wake me up before you go go ” by Wham. Our song ever since I was little. He was surprised and very happy!

And my mom actually dance! She never dances!

I don’t know, I hope everyone had fun.














Humm… yeah I think they did. :)


Next up.. Honeymoon!


(I promise, I’ll be back soon!)





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