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Uh oh, she's at it again...

Posted Feb 14 2013 12:14am
So you may have read my post where I declared myself a Beast-in-Training a little while back.  You know, the one where I confessed that good friend Solana was challenging me to get faster with her no-fail speed training plan.  She even dared to go so far and say that it would get me a new PR at the Vancouver First Half 1/2 Marathon just 3 weeks later.  Ha!  I said.  No way!  But I said I'd give it a try anyway.

And then you may have read my post where I talked about how my crazy, messed back had flared up again and was pretty much preventing me from running at all the week before the race.  You know, the race that I'd gone and declared I'd try to PR at.  Exactly why I don't like declaring big, fat goals like that because things like messed-up backs have other plans and get in the way.  After writing that post I was pretty sure I'd be getting nowhere near a PR and would just be happy if I finished the race at all.

And if you read either of those posts (or maybe even if you didn't) you likely read the one where I recapped said race and how glorious it was and how I shattered my old half marathon record by more than 8 whole minutes!  You know, the one where I so happily announced that I finished the First Half in 2:01:31!

My legs were still sore and the PR glow had barely stated to fade and already, she was at it again.

Yep, I guess this Beast-in-Training is still that, a Beast-in-Training.  After asking me a bunch of questions, Solana has already sent me a draft training schedule for my biggest race this year, the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  I've skimmed it over but haven't really read through it and thought about it because given how hard she worked me on the speed training end of things, I'm kinda frightened of what she might have planned when it comes to marathon training!

The truth is, even though I'm scared, I am eternally grateful that she's taken me on as her little pet project.  Or maybe I should say her "baby beast project" - ha ha.  It's kind of fun to have a stronger, faster, tougher runner helping you out in your own quest to become a better runner.  And, the speed training challenge certainly worked - I never would have thought 3 weeks of training would make such a difference but hey, the proof is in the PR-pudding.

For some reason she believes in me (as evidenced by this Facebook post...) and that makes me feel pretty good...
Aww, I'm her workout Valentine!
Anyhow, I'm going to spend some time with her marathon plan in the next few days and provide the last bit of info she's asked for to tailor it up and finalize it.  I like having a challenge.  Even when it's something I'm not sure I can do, I like working towards something and having a finite plan of how I'm going to get there.  I think that's why I enjoy running so much - I know what I have to do to get 'er done and it feels so darn good to see that all of your planning and training worked in the end.

Also, something else kind of terrifying but incredibly exciting has kind of come up and if it goes ahead, I'm definitely going to need Solana's input, guidance and help preparing for it.  Something I sort of thought was off the table for this year has suddenly showed up back on my table again.  Yikes!

I'll post more details on this and my Beast Marathon Training Plan soon...
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