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Type Two Diabetes – Mediterranean Diet Is Great – Why Do You Say That

Posted Nov 12 2010 7:43pm

< p>Research shows that adopting a Diabetes Diet in line with Mediterranean eating habits can help manage type 2 without taking drugs. What exactly do they mean by a Mediterranean diet? This diet comes from the cultures that live around the Mediterranean Sea including Italian, Greek, and others. It contains a diet rich in vegetables and whole grains. Surprisingly it also has about 30% of calories coming from fat derived sources. The biggest source of fat though is olive oil. The diet also replaces most red meat consumption with fish and chicken. No more than 50% of daily calories can come from carbohydrates.

What is the final result of adopting this diet on those with Type two and their Diabetes Symptoms ? Nothing is really a miracle. However many patients gain better control on this diet than with a low fat diet. They also show marked improvements in heart health. Weight loss usually happens as well. Studies have shown that this diet helps some hold off the need for medications. How does this excellent diet do it? The diet focuses on replacing saturated fats with healthier versions. It also focuses on boosting the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. All of this helps realign your health into a better mode.

It is a reported fact following a diet in the style of the Mediterranean eating habits bring many great aspects to the table of a sufferer with Type two Diabetes. The diet focuses on eating more fish and chicken than red meat. That will lower the amount of saturated fat in your diet. The diet also emphasizes meat as equal or subordinate to those plant-based foods. That means chicken or fish is not the main part of the meal. It balances with hearty sized portions of whole grains and vegetables. Many meals do not contain fish or chicken. The primary source of fat in this diet comes from the use of olive oil in cooking.

The addition of fresh fruits and vegetables can increase the ingestion of healthy fiber. Fiber helps those with type 2 Diabetes in two ways. The first is that it helps to control how rapidly the body absorbs food. This helps keep glucose levels steady. The second benefit is that it helps with body weight control and cardiovascular health. Those additional factors mean that you are healthier all together. The best part of this great diet is that it’s rich in many nutrients that benefit the health of everyone. It is a great diet for the whole family to adopt along with the diabetic.


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