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Type ii diabetes

Posted Sep 19 2008 12:00am

As with Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes can have its fair share of complications if not treated properly.

Type ii diabetes is a metabolic disorder, which means that it is caused as a result of the dysfunction of the body’s natural ability to produce the hormone insulin. This hormone, insulin, is required by the body to breakdown the ingested sugars and in its absence the body is not able to produce the requisite amount of the energy providing substance glucose. This insulin deficiency may also cause an increase in the amount of sugars in the blood, which might have severe consequences. It may also be caused when the cells of the body are not able to use the insulin produced effectively.

Type ii diabetes is often associated with old people, with most of its sufferers aged over 45. A characteristic feature of this disease is the non-requirement of insulin to be injected into the body. It is therefore also referred to as Non-Insulin dependent diabetes. Another group often targeted by this kind of diabetes are people who are overweight or those who have a family history of diabetes.

Genetics can have a part in deciding if you will have diabetes or not. You can have it in your family and yet still not have it. If genetics is going to be what decides whether or not you have diabetes there is really nothing you can do about it as far as prevention is concerned.

If you have the propensity to be considered on the obese side, and know that you are exhibiting potential symptoms of diabetes it should be addressed immediately. Not addressing diabetes could be something that you could end up paying dearly for.

This disease can be properly treated by maintaining weight and frequent physical activity, which help in bringing down a person’s sugar levels. However, if the sugar levels are not controlled then it is medically advised to inject small amounts of insulin. Maintaining a proper diet is also an important part of the treatment, helping in the controlling of blood sugar levels and consequently maintaining weight.

In certain cases, medications may be required to maintain sugar levels in patients with type ii diabetes. These medications primarily aim at boosting the body’s production of insulin. These also help the insulin to act upon the ingested sugars and release energy providing glucose. Through proper medication and frequent exercise, it is very easy for a person to maintain his/her weight and control type ii diabetes.

Whether you have type 1 diabetes with insulin shots or if you have type 2 diabetes it is essential that you follow your doctor’s orders. These orders usually include some regulation of your insulation levels via diabetes meters and additional items. These directions should be taken seriously as the overall effects that are achieved if not handled properly could be fatal to people with both types.

Bottom line is that diabetes can be maintained and controlled. There is no reason why you couldn’t live a normal healthy life despite having diabetes. Control your diabetes, don’t let diabetes control you!

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