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Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Posted Apr 04 2009 11:17pm

The number of people diagnosed to have diabetes type 2 is increasing every year. For most of us who diagnosed to have this disease, many may feel hopeless after knowing the diagnose report, but actually there is still chance for them. Though type 2 diabetes treatment will require times to see the actual result, there are several ways to improve diabetes patient’s life, and one of the best ways is by following a healthy diet.

We have to know that most of the diabetes type 2 cases are affected by bad daily diet that is done for long time. We eat those junk foods everyday and lot of soft drinks consuming. We gradually increase our blood sugar levels higher each day. So it is understandable if our efforts to lower it back to normal will also need sometime. We can’t expect to reduce what we have developed for years in just few days.

To begin our healthy diet plan, it is crucial that you should try to avoid high sugar foods and drinks intake. I understand that for some of us it is not easy to avoid those kinds of food, but we must take this difficult step if we really want to fight diabetes. By following this first effort we not only will lower our blood sugar level, but we will also reduce some of our weight.

Current researches show that almost 90% of people who known to have Type 2 diabetes are obese, a thing that is very unhealthy. So there is no doubt that there is a tight correlation between diabetes and obesity. One way to lose our weight is we can take is by lowering the number of our carbohydrates and calories consume, and also taking more healthy fats to improve our glucose levels. If you can take these steps, you will for sure notice a difference in your weight.

We need to remember that for type 2 diabetes people it is very important to lower sugary foods intake in order to reduce weight. You also have to know that it is very important to monitor that your sugar level does not increase or decrease too fast. You maybe also want to see how you are doing for the first part of your diet, so try to create a kind of journal to see your progress. Record anything you eat and count the calories intake on the journal so you can follow it closely and make some immediate adjustment when required. You will need to write what type of exercises you did and for how long you did that on the note.

By follow it closely with a note you can read what step of your diabetes treatment effort that require some improvements. This record will also keep you motivated because you can monitor the progress you make to get your health goal. If you never did diabetes diet before, let me tell you something, preparing and following a diet plan is not an easy task so you need to keep motivating yourself to make it a lot easier for you.

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