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Two Year Blogiversary

Posted Mar 04 2013 7:39pm

So our Two Year Blogiversary has come and gone :) it was February 26th and last year  I had a great post for it and I have my first ever blog post  too. This year I was so slammed with life that I did post on Facebook about it and even though we didn’t get to 10,000 Likes the day OF our Blogiversary, we got there the day after so I am going to host a giveaway with FireDaughter Clothing – my all time favorite local workout clothing designer. Samya is amazing. I am going to give her a minute to get back to normal before I host it because she has a loss in her family she is dealing with so I will probably do it next week. So a little late but Happy Two Year Blogiversary to US!!

A little update on us and our weekend. I have official finished Week 7 of James Wilson’s program and I really liked it. I am torching calories with it which always makes me happy :)

This pic is from tricep and shoulder day.

Shoulder and Triceps | Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

I was just starting to lean out and have a wonderful day date with the Fatkid…


Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

When another allergy attack struck.

Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

Yup. That. Is. My. Mouth. It is the third time this has happened and every time it is a little worse and insanely painful because my mouth literally splits open on the inside. This time our dear friend (who is also marrying us) stuck me IN THE LEG WITH AN EPI PEN. Which my allergist assured me would work. It didn’t. So not only was my leg sore as hell, my mouth kept on swelling. Also, I have to get a steroid shot in my butt and take oral steroids for 7-10 days which makes me sick and bloated. Awesome. All the docs can tell me is my blood work is completely normal and it is either stress related (really?!) and/or I am the 1% of the population on which blood testing doesn’t work. Even better.

On a happier note – my homemade invites are DONE. Wheeeee!! DIY Invites | Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

Once they are delivered I will write a more detailed post with exactly what I did to make them. While it was a lot of work it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be :)

I am doing bulk cooking today so I will have a post up about it tomorrow. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

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