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Posted Mar 08 2013 9:42pm
100milemarch Update:
3/8/13: 3.53 miles walked with the pup. 
Total for the Month: 13.63 miles

Call me crazy but WHY do my legs and buttocks twitch like my nerves are about to take flight after I return from a walk? However, this NEVER happens after I run?

I've googled this oddity and put on my I-Like-To-Pretend-I'm-A-Doctor hat only to come up empty handed. I've read all about the lack of electrolytes and muscles being fatigued and so on and so on. But, umm, I run on a whole lot less in my buddha belly and this doesn't happen. Sooooo, someone who knows more than me start talking NOW please. 

Inquiring minds NEED to know... what's the deal with all this twitching? It feels like there's popcorn popping in my legs. Ooooooo, popcorn. 

Hugs and Kisses! Enjoy your evening!!
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