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Twice Over

Posted Apr 16 2010 4:18pm

Heyyy kids! We’ve made it another lovely week, almost with 100% beautiful weather! But, of course – Vermont has this thing where it can’t give us too much beauty, so it dumps rain and snow (!!) for the weekend. Joy.

That being said, I woke up and pumpkin oats didn’t sound so bad after all!

En Zee Base:

Annnnnd topped with:

  • flax-chia icing
  • crystallized ginger
  • chopped cashews
  • chopped dates
  • PB & Co Cinnamon Raisin PB
  • and a mixture of frozen cranberries, chopped banana, and raisins simmered in a bit of almond milk and a touch of sizzurp.

Perfectly accompanied by Timothy’s Sugar Bush Maple coffee.

Gotta say – not sure how much I was feelin’ the pumpkin oats this morning once it was all said and done! The texture kind of got to me – I’ve always had a “thing” about the texture the pumpkin gives to oats, and I think since it’s been so long since I’ve had them, I wasn’t quite ready for it ;) Good flavor, no less. The lovely  Serena reminded me I ought to make muffins with the pumpkin – perfect timing! I’m almost all out of banana-date oat bran muffins, and they make such a great snack that I ought to make more this weekend. Thanks, Serena!

Speaking of banana-date oat bran muffins, that was of course part of my morning snack, paired with some honey-roasted almonds and a couple of organic dried apricots. I love the Blue Diamond Oven Roasted line of almonds – so good! I can’t seem to find the vanilla bean ones anywhere, though! Jealous of anyone who can find them. Hook a girl up!

Does anybody follow my obsessions and wonder “Hey, what the heck happened to her ______ obsession?” I think it’s funny to look back at them all. Remember the  granola crisps addiction? (Actually – that’s still there. I just have been trying to cut back on the intake – I have them “after hours” a lot :P ) Quick cookies? Wraps?

So – about that weather? Uh, Yeah – we’re forecasted for snow and rain this weekend! I’m fairly confident in saying it’s snow for the higher elevations only, but really?! I’m supposed to be on top of a mountain, photographing a horse show on Sunday! Outdoors! Unfortunately, that won’t be happening if it’s raining and gross. Pictures don’t come out good, and equipment gets ruined. Just not worth it! Luckily, it is a smaller show – held at the barn I used to ride at – and is mainly just the kids that ride there. Even if I don’t go to photograph, I’ll probably drop by and watch for a bit.

Lunch was a lot like this…

Would you like some bread with your eggplant sandwich?

Last night for lunch, I sauteed some eggplant, roasted red peppers, and spinach in a bit of balsamic. I packed it along with two slices of the bread my mom picked up for me, some feta cheese, hummus, and sundried-tomato & pepita pesto to, once again – panini at work. I make my co-workers jealous lately.

Paired with my last [until tomorrow] plum, and an  Oikos caramel yog. And I had to round out the meal with a small raw cookie and a date ball, of course.

Afternoon snack? Pick a bar, any bar…

Hypocritical of me, based on my recent anti-soy rants? Yes. But,as mentioned – I’ve got a stock pile of bars, and I’m not so paranoid that I’m going to throw them all away! I am just avoiding excessive consumption. At least the Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna is tasty, even if the sugary coating does get a bit overpowering after a couple bites. I’ll eat just about anything cinnamon-oatmeal-raisin-y!

I’m instating a no-more bar buying rule until all the “bad” ones are weeded out. I should be good for…a couple months. I’m definitely not banning myself from making date balls and raw cookies, though :)

After being freezing cold all day (and still!) I was ready for a warm meal once home. I’d taken out some salmon from the freezer before I left this morning, and as the day wore on I was waffling between pesto salmon or blueberry salmon, but then started thinking – why not cranberry salmon? So – I did up the cranberries twice today. And boyyy, was it fantastic!

While I prepared a serving of bulgur, I seasoned a salmon filet with just a bit of salt, pepper, chili powder and garlic, and got some color on it on both sides before adding to it a glaze of:

  • 1/3 c. frozen cranberries
  • 1/2 t. raspberry dijon mustard
  • 2 T. balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 t. pure maple syrup

(approximate measurements) Allow to cook over low heat until thickened a bit. Add some kale to the bulgur and allow to wilt. When the bulgur and kale is ready – add to the pan with the salmon, and allow everything to meld.

Serve with cashews, of course!

It’s been a while since I’ve had salmon – this hit the spot! I’ve finally (the past two times) got the ticket to cooking salmon just enough. I used to always overcook it justttt enough so that it was walking the fine line between just right and too dry. No more!

But – brrr! I’m off to brew some tea or coffee and keep huddled under blankets – my fingers are getting cold with this typing!! I hope everyone’s got exciting weekend plans?!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway ! I’ll be posting the winner Sunday morning, before I leave for the show (if it happens). So – make sure you take advantage of being able to enter three times, and do it up before Sunday!

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