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'Twas the day before Seawheeze...

Posted Aug 12 2013 2:58pm
'Twas the day before Seawheeze,
and my iPhone was set
To wake me up early,
so into Vancouver I could get.
We needed to pick upOur packages for the runAnd of course, do some shoppingWe hopes to buy something fun.

When we got into townInto the lineup we gotWe were way at the backBut moving quickly, we thought.
There also happened to beAnother convention in townGrown men dressed up as PokemonWere walking around!(Seriously. lots of people wearing Pokemon ears too!)

It didn't take longBefore we made it insideOnly to find another lineup!(I guess we shouldn't have been surprised)
Package pickup was smoothWe had our stuff in a flashIt was time to go shoppingAnd add to our Lululemon stash.
Found out afterwards they gave me the wrong
We got into the storeAnd the colours were bright!Short shorts, hoodies and tanksIt was definitely a sight!

Shoppers were everywhere!
Piles all over the floor
Everyone's arms were totally full
But still wanting to buy more!

The best thing of allWas every shelf had stuff in it!Unlike last yearWhen everything sold out in just minutes!(Shame on you Lulu scalpers)

I bought lots of nice things2 swiftlys and cute Seawheeze crops,Some shorts and a posterI could have bought lots and lots!

The lineup to payWas pretty long tooBut the cashiers were quickAnd cranking us through.

With our loot in our handsWe left with smiles and clucksExcited that Haute Running MamaWas at the Starbucks!
I've followed her blogFor a long time for sureI knew she was in townAnd I'm so happy we got to meet her!

The expo was greatSo much smoother than last yearIt got us all psyched and excitedTo run and to cheer.
Well done Lululemon!Seawheeze Day 1 was a blast!You'll have to wait till my next postTo see if I ran slow or fast!
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