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Twas the day before race day...

Posted Oct 06 2012 4:16pm
Twas the day before race day and all through my mind,
Are thoughts of my run gear - all colours and kinds.
What should I wear so I look really fast?
What's the best outfit so my comfort level lasts?
It doesn't technically matter what I wear but you see,If I look good, I feel good and that helps make Nikki speedy.I hope what I pick will be chafe-free and dry,Because chafing can suck and we runners know why.
My shoes are set out by the door with great care,In just a few hours my feet will be nestled in that pair.My day has been busy setting out the rest of my stuff,Do I have all I need and is it enough?
I'll eat up my dinner, carb-loading at it's best,Pasta and protein - ignoring all the rest.I'll say no to the booze and no to the cake,Because a yucky full tummy does not a happy runner make.
My Garmin is plugged in, my iPod in it's dock,Charging up for tomorrow, full of tunes that will rock.My sport beans are laid out, my paceband at the ready,Let's hope I can stick to it, all nice and steady.
In the morning I'll wake up at an ungodly hour,And creep through the house to go quietly shower.Shave my legs, do my hair and put on my clothes,I'll stink by the end so I'll start fresh as a rose.
The moon on the breast of the driveway pre-dawn,Will light my way to the truck and then soon I'll be gone.The drive to Victoria will be dark and quite long,But I'll visualize my race and sing lots of songs.
I've been training and planning for months worth of days,And I know that I'm ready in all kinds of ways.I feel rested (sort of), hydrated, confident, prepared,But as always I'm excited and even a little bit scared.
Come tonight I'll be nestled all snug in my bed,With visions of km's and PR's in my head.So with hubs in his jammies and me in my cap,I'll go settle down for a nice little pre-race nap.
To all of my friends who are racing this Sunday,I wish you good races and hope you all have a fun day.So when you're heading to bed so that your run turns out right,Happy running to all and to all a good night!
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