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Turkey Trot Recap

Posted Nov 23 2012 11:33pm
Hey All! I hope you have recovered from Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping! I also hope that you made the time to 'Go Get Fit' today!

Today was Day 2 of the Holiday Running Streak . I ran 2.2 miles and I have to admit, I am really glad that I am committed to this streak. After yesterday's Turkey Trot, I was ready to hang up my running shoes. Boo!

Not sure what was going on yesterday. Got up fine, had plenty of rest. Had my usual mini banana and one of my little to-go cereal packs (I will fill you in on that another time.) Nothing was out of the ordinary. Got to the University of Michigan campus nice and early so I could park before they closed the streets. Used the real bathroom when I got there and hung out in my warm jeep to wait. Well...about an hour before gun time my stomach started doing flip-flops. Oh no! It wasn't the race jitters either, it was serious business. (TMI?) Off to the porta-potty I went (No race is truly complete without a trip to them anyway, right?!)

By race time my stomach was iffy, but I figured I could ignore it and just push through it. There were a lot of people at the start.
And lots of silly hats (Don't know how they ran in those things!)
After a really crowded start with a whole lot of elbowing and jockeying for position, we were on our way. It took about 1/2 mile for the chunks of people to thin out a bit. I find that to be really frustrating. Folks running in jeans (what the heck?), people running arm-in-arm (at the finish, sure, but the start?), always interesting stuff...Always! So yeah, my stomach was funky and by mile 1 I just wanted to say forget it and walk back to my car. Yes, it was that bad and I had zero mojo. I kept running. (I'm a runner, that's what we do, right?!)

Running along, there were no mile markers but by my watch I knew we had about a mile left to go. Turned a corner and holy cow! A ridiculous hill...not a nice little up and over. No! This was a climb. Nearly 3/4 of a mile climb that got the best of a whole lot of runners! I was determined to run that stupidly long hill...All the while cursing the organizers for putting this ridiculous hill at the end of the race. It was like running through waist deep mud. About mid way up my stomach decided that this race needed to end. I reached the top and yup...A puker. There was a guy on one side gagging in the grass and another by me puking into the street storm drain. UGH!!! I did not need that! I had to walk for a few seconds. It was about 15 seconds and then I saw the finish line...Off I went! I didn't have the get-up-and-go of my usual long sprint, but I got a good one in when I saw the clock.

Blah! Stupid race! Stupid hill! Stupid Trotting Turkey! Stupid puker by the side of the road! And I didn't even win a pie! I grabbed a water, stretched a bit and left without waiting for results.
Man, I was irritated by my performance. I still am! Ha! I am a perfectionist and have a hard time with the fact that not every race is going to be good, or feel good. I also know that you can't PR every race, but I would sure like to!

Since I am results obsessed driven, here are the official #'sTime: 26:45 (8:38 pace)
40-44: 8th out of 191
Females: 106th out of 922
Overall: 367th out of 1,668

I know, I know...I have been running for 6 months. My 1st race ever was 4th of July and I finished it in 34:37. So in 4 1/2 months I have taken 8 minutes off my time. I have met and exceeded every goal I originally set. This was my 10th race and a good time. So why am I irritated about yesterdays race? I shouldn't be, I know.

On a side note, my stomach never got better. I cooked turkey dinner but didn't eat any of it. Leftovers will still be there tomorrow!

I am very grateful for this running streak because I think I would have taken a break from running (aka, given up for a while). I got up and ran 2 miles this morning. My thighs are screaming about that hill from yesterday! Ha! Yesterdays race is in the books and I am on to the next one!

Keep streaking, my friends!
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