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Turkey Baby Bye-Bye Circuit Workout #WIAW #RWRunStreak

Posted Nov 23 2012 5:51am

We have a mashable folks! A What I Ate on Thanksgiving coupled with a Fitness Friday. Whoo! That's a lot to take in.

Today's Eats:

There was pretty much just one meal today. And I don't have pictures of everything. I swear there was also turkey and gravy, and mashed potatoes. But I have zero clue what happened to those pictures. In all honesty, I maybe had three bites of turkey. The sides are much preferred by me.

The menu:  Turkey (14 lbs. I should get workout credit for lugging that thing around), gravy, mashed potatoes, non-dairy green bean casserole with homemade onion rings, cornbread stuffing (which also had turkey in it so I guess I got a few more bites than I thought), veggie tray and dip (brought by my mom), apple, peach, and pumpkin pie (from my MIL). I also had homemade cranberry sauce but forgot about it so it hasn't been touched yet. 

My fridge is now stuffed to the gills because I easily cooked for three times as many people as were there. To avoid having a food baby every day for the rest of the weekend, I'm prepared with a drawer full of veggies. I'll leave the rest for the boys. 


After all that food I knew that I had two choices .... 1) go to bed and pray that I didn't wake up with a belly ache or 2) do at least a short workout and drink lots of water. I opted for #2. Because that's the way I chill on Thanksgiving.

The  original plan  was to run outside because it has been so beautiful. When I started cooking at 6:00 am and barely fit in a shower before guests came, I knew that wouldn't be a possibility. So at 8:00 pm I finally made my way down to the gym and decided to get at least my mile in for the  Runners World 2012 Running Streak.

I also did four rounds of this circuit workout. It only took me about 12 minutes to get through all four rounds. It would have been less but I paused  between rounds two and three. Why? To dance to  Play That Funky Music.  Yes, I listen to 70s music.   All the time. No. I was not a teenager in the 70s. 

Weekly Workout Summary:

Because it is also  Fitness Friday  (thank you, Jill). I'm gonna bring you a summary of this week. As quickly as possible. We all have cleaning to do. Right? Right! (Faking enthusiasm so I'll think this is a good thing).

Not too bad. But with  Runners World 2012 Running Streak  and  Elf for Health  coming up there won't be any rest days in there for some time. 

If you're having trouble staying on track or just want something new to do I encourage you to join up for one or both of these virtual events. Both are free and  Elf for Health  has prizes, pairs you up with someone and seems like a whole lotta fun.  I can't wait until Sunday when I get my first assignment!

Twitter Chat:

Go see Alysia's totally  yummy cheese tray  or visit her blog  Slim Sanity.  As it turns out, my mom didn't bring over that much cheese. We'd never make it in Wisconsin.

Final Thanksgiving Note:

My family does not like me taking pictures of them. So if someone only looks at the pictures they'll think I spent Thanksgiving with only my cat. If you hear those people talking about how sorry they feel for me, give them my email address. They'll ask for my mailing address so they can send me stuff and make me feel better. Sounds good. 


Source:  via  Carli  on  Pinterest

Small Talk:

Have you ever made cornbread with actual corn in it? What are you doing with your leftovers? Are you doing any Black Friday shopping?
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