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Tuna Cakes

Posted Mar 15 2012 7:30pm

Hi there! Who’s happy it’s almost Friday?

While today is actually my Friday (one good thing about college), I am excited to sleep in tomorrow. Hopefully I can since lately I’ve been sleeping terribly.

Be prepared because this post is all over the place. So many random things to share!

In my survey this morning I mentioned that I got a package.


My supplements! I ordered these off Vita Cost since they had low prices and I had a discount coupon. Had to take advantage.

I got the supplements that Jamie recommended, the opti-women and the BCAA.

I also got some nutritional yeast because I’ve heard for decades from everyone and their mom that has a blog how good it was.

Okay, I am exaggerating just a little bit, but you get the point. I have used it but each time I haven’t tasted it at all. I guess next time I’ll have to dump a full cup then let you know what I think.

Anyway, the opti-women smells awful. I almost threw up when I opened the jar. I am still taking it but I’m not happy about it. Does anyone take that pill?

I now look like a pill poppin’ animal with all the supplements I have to take each morning.


Umm yeah. And that’s a little embarrassing that I put the probiotic colon health front a center, way to go Brittany.

I finished my last workout of the week today with shoulders and abs. I will have a week two update of the livefit sometime this weekend!

Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day, my legs are SORE. Love that feeling though Winking smile


I bought this at the store yesterday since I haven’t been feeling too well the past few days. I like it!

I’m not the biggest tea drinker, but this one is pretty good. I want to try a better flavor, I just thought this flavor sounded like a good sick tea.


I also picked up some coconut oil after obsessing over Artisana’s I tried out. This was the only brand I saw so I took advantage since I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

I tried to roast veggies with it for dinner tonight, but it’s solid. I thought only coconut butter did that?

Guess not, but it’s safe to say I need to liquefy it before I use it since I set off the fire alarm in my townhouse.

My dinner was AWESOME though.


Tuna cakes! I found this blog the other day and I am obsessed with it and stalked the entire thing.

I saw the tuna cakes and knew I had to make them, SO EASY.


I added green peppers, onion, and nutritional yeast to the recipe and just grilled it up on my George Foreman. I will be making this a lot! Perfect clean meal.


If you have used it before, what do you use coconut oil for?

Have you ever made tuna cakes?

What is your favorite brand/flavor of tea?

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