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Tummy Tuck in Connecticut

Posted Nov 03 2012 8:09am

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is recommended if you are unable to lose fat in the abdominal area even with strict dieting or severe exercises. There are different treatment options for tummy tuck including liposuction, mini abdominoplasty, endoscopic abdominoplasty, full abdominoplasty and extended abdominoplasty. Benefit from tummy tuck in Connecticut to achieve the body shape you desire. Consult a trained plastic surgeon practicing in Connecticut to decide which procedure is best to address your particular concerns. The most popular tummy tuck surgery is that performed using the advanced Smartlipo laser device. Laser lipolysis addresses the problems related to skin, muscle and fat in the abdominal area effectively.

Is Abdominoplasty Suitable for You?

You can talk to the plastic surgeon about your requirements and expectations. The surgeon can assess your health conditions and discuss details regarding risk factors, cost and recovery period.

You are a candidate for the surgery if you:

- Have excess fat deposits and sagging skin on the abdomen

- Enjoy good health with satisfactory body weight and

- Have realistic expectations about the treatment

Better stay away from tummy tuck surgery if you have heart diseases, blood related diseases and weak immunity power. Often, smoking leads to health issues and also slows down the healing process. Usually, the plastic surgeon advises to quit smoking and avoid anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before the tummy tuck. You will also have to avoid these for the two weeks following the treatment.

Facts about Laser Tummy Tuck

Laser abdominoplasty performed with highly advanced Cynosure technology helps to attain effective tissue coagulation and skin tightening. Local anesthesia is provided to carry out the surgery. Pain and discomfort are minimal. The fat is melted from the designated area by means of laser energy and drained away safely. Bruising, swelling and bleeding are also minimal. Laser tummy tuck enables effective skin compression and quick recovery. Controlled energy delivery using cutting edge technologies such as SmartSense™, ThermaView™, and ThermaGuide™ also safeguards the patient from complications related to over treatment.

Pain medication, wearing of compression garments and limited movements as part of post-operative care can ensure quick and complete recovery. After one or two weeks of rest, you can completely resume routine work. You can see comprehensive results of the tummy tuck surgery after two months.

Ensure Tailor Made Treatment Plans

Only an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center can guarantee personalized treatment. Such a facility also provides the care and support of qualified plastic surgeons and other staffs. Sterile environment is another attractive feature that helps you attain your cosmetic goals without developing infections or other problems. When considering tummy tuck in Connecticut, do your research thoroughly to find a plastic surgery center with a proven track record.

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