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Tummy Tuck Improves Your Waistline

Posted Feb 13 2013 6:57am
Have you wondered if you can ever get a figure like those models you often see in fashion magazines? The most abominable thing that comes in the way of a perfectly contoured waistline is the paunch that sticks out from your apparel. Very often, this excess abdominal fat does not yield to exercise or diet. This is where tummy tuck surgery can help by getting rid of excess abdominal fat and skin and contouring your tummy.

What the Tummy Tuck Surgery Involves

Tummy tuck is provided on the basis of the patient’s expectations and their conditions. The popular options are:
  • Standard abdominoplasty: this is provided for those patients who want to get a large amount of fat and skin from the lower abdomen. The incision for this surgery is made in a more central and gradual lower position. The incision remains hidden beneath the bikini line.
  • High lateral tension abdominoplasty: known for bringing about maximum abdominal tightening, this procedure is ideal for those with excess lower abdominal skin. The incision starts low in the pubis and moves sharply upwards. This can also be concealed in most high-riding bikinis.

Initial Consultation Is Important

The initial consultation with a reliable plastic surgeon is a very important because only your surgeon can decide whether you are a candidate for the procedure. The surgeon will evaluate your health conditions and other relevant details before providing the surgery. Any risk factors or other problems will be identified. You will also be told about the importance of maintaining realistic expectations. The surgeon would explain about the tummy tuck surgery options available and recommend the procedure that is most apt for you.

The Advantages of Tummy Tuck Surgery

What are the benefits of tummy tuck? Is it a suitable method for all? The points below will highlight some of the benefits of tummy tuck surgery:
  • Tummy tuck is one of the most viable solutions for achieving a youthful look and figure, an appearance contributed by a flat and well-contoured tummy.
  • The stomach becomes flatter and firmer with excess skin removal and tightening of the muscles.
  • Appearance of sketch marks can be considerably improved with this surgery.
  • Loose skin that comes along with increase in age, weight loss surgery or pregnancy can be removed using abdominoplasty.

Tummy tuck is a very effective and popular procedure. The results of this plastic surgery may differ according to the age and the fat deposition in the tummy region.  A surgery like abdominoplasty should be ideally done by a plastic surgeon who is experienced in handling such cases.

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