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Tuesday Things

Posted Jun 18 2013 8:00am

1. I’ve been trying a new probiotic the past couple of weeks. SONY DSC

A doula recommended this particular brand to me, since digestion can slow down significantly during pregnancy. I’ve always enjoyed alternating the brands of probiotics I use, to prevent my body from getting used to the same strains over and over again, but this one has been surprisingly potent! (I won’t go into too many details on that aspect…) I’m excited to see if they continue to be as effective, or if my body will get over the initial shock of trying a new brand after a few more weeks.

As an added bonus, this brand is shelf-stable, so they’re perfect for traveling!

2. Working in my office makes me REALLY miss coffee.


Austin has been kind enough to give up his daily coffee, as well, so there has been no coffee brewing in our house for the past 6 months… but in the work place, it’s another story! Luckily, I found this refreshing Blueberry Hibiscus herbal tea that makes me feel like I can sip on something “special” in the morning, too. It’s especially delicious when iced!

(But, it’s still not coffee. I don’t miss the caffeine, but I do miss the flavor!)

3. I can’t believe how clueless we are with baby names.


We’ve known the sex of our baby since April, and are still not even close to agreeing on a name! So, we’ve resorted to using a baby name book for some new ideas. It’s still not much help, since I feel like none of the names are “clicking” with us yet, but I’m sure we’ll figure out something eventually. We might have to draw a name out of a hat!

If you happen to be in the same boat as us, has also been pretty fun for name ideas! (I’ve also found some fun new pet names, while we’re at it.)

4. As I walked out of a meeting this afternoon, I was surprisingly greeted by some geese!


Did you know that they hiss at you if you get too close? Well, they do.

And I couldn’t help it, since a few of them parked themselves right next to my rental car! I was pretty intimidated, but luckily, we all left each other alone.

Only a couple days of business travel left for me over here, so I’m excited to be back in my kitchen soon!

: What are YOU up to this week? Try anything new?

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