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Tuesday Things

Posted May 14 2013 8:00am

1. I’m in love with this new milk jug.


You may recall that I was previously using a cute glass milk pitcher for my almond milk, but it was completely unpractical when it came down to cleaning it. I couldn’t find a bottle brush that would reach the bottom, and the top of the bottle was too narrow to receive a thorough cleaning in my dishwasher. Over time, a film had developed near the bottom of the bottle that I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how much I soaked it in vinegar, baking soda or hot water, so it became clear that I needed a better solution for almond milk storage.

This new pitcher is the perfect solution! It has a wide mouth, so I can easily scrub the bottom, and comes with an air-tight lid that keeps my homemade almond milk from spoiling in the fridge. Plus, it’s the perfect size to store in my fridge door, just like a traditional gallon of milk.

2. This is what my new home exercise set-up looks like.


I’ve still been attending some Physique 57 classes regularly, which seems to be a fantastic option during pregnancy. The only modifications needed are during the floor work section, where the instructors provide a “pregnancy wedge” to keep my back supported and my heart above the baby at all times.

Since I can’t attend the studio as often as I’d like, these pillows pictured above are what I use when I do the DVD workouts at home! I have to admit, it’s feeling a little weird to do ab work lately… my abs are getting a little tight on space!

3. Shopping for baby stuff is exhausting.

crib mattresses

There are way too many options, and the prices vary widely! Since our future baby could potentially be spending a lot of time in his or her crib, a quality crib mattress is one of the highest priority purchases for us when it comes to being as non-toxic as possible.

I’ve heard amazing reviews about the Nook Organic Pebble Mattress , which is popular for its breathable structure (even if the baby rolls over!), but it’s quite pricey. Other organic options include Naturepedic and LA Baby mattresses, which are more definitely more affordable, but will require the additional purchase of mattress pad covers for leak prevention. Luckily, we still have plenty of time to make our decision, but I’m glad I started researching early!

4. Other baby decisions are easier for us, like cloth diapering.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.31.30 PM I’ve always wanted to use cloth diapers, but I’ll admit, I was pretty clueless about actually using them until recently. Luckily, my sister-in-law gave me a lesson in cloth diapers last week, and I now know the difference between pre-folds , pockets and all-in-ones .

I feel much more confident on that front now, and am actually excited to start changing diapers. (I say that now… ha ha.)

5. Other than all the baby stuff on my brain, I’m feeling more like myself these days.


Surprisingly, I’ve been craving green juice all week and have been happily chugging it down each morning. I feel addicted all over again! Which is a relief, because for a while there, I was afraid vegetables would never sound appealing again. There must be something about reaching the half-way point in pregnancy that changes things!

It also probably helps that it’s been 100 degrees outside lately, so hydrating foods are the only ones that sound appealing now…

: What are YOU up to this week? Have you tried anything new?

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