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Tuesday Things

Posted Apr 23 2013 8:00am

1. I’m so excited about my new water filter.


Since we will be living in a rental for the foreseeable future, our options for water filters are limited. I would love to install an under-the-sink filter some day, but for now, we’re stuck with temporary solutions. Up until now, we’ve been using Brita pitchers and Pur faucet filters for our water filtering needs, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with the taste or quality of our filtered water using those methods.

I had heard great things about Aquasana’s water filters, so I recently contacted the company to see if I could sample one of their countertop water filtration systems . Happily, they agreed and I received a complimentary filter this week. Already, I can tell this type of filtration system is WAY better than the versions I was using before. Aquasana’s unique twin cartridge system uses a combination of carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub-micron filtration, and removes three times more contaminants than pitcher filters, while leaving important minerals in tact.

As an added bonus, the water tastes fantastic! It tastes just like my favorite bottled waters, at a fraction of the cost when compared to buying them over the long term. The filters only need to be replaced once every 6 months, so this system is a perfect option for people who want to quickly install a filter and forget about it for a while. The installation only took me 5 minutes! If I can do it by myself, anyone can do it.

2. I’ve been on a cookbook-kick lately.


Even though my first trimester is over and done with, I still have a hard time looking forward to eating. Very few things sound appealing to me! Looking through beautiful cookbooks with appetizing photos (as well as Pinterest!) has been really helpful in stimulating my appetite during this unusual time.

Eating the Alkaline Way is the latest addition to my cookbook collection, and I love how it includes an explanation of alkaline foods in the beginning, as well as helpful guide to show you “how alkaline” each recipe is. The recipes are not all properly combined, but they do all feature high-quality, non-processed ingredients (including goat cheese and gluten-free grains) that I aim to serve in my home.

3. The one type of meal that always sounds good to me? Smoothies.


Austin and I both have green smoothies for breakfast every single morning, but Austin has been including a fun new addition into his morning mix: Vimergy Tonic Chinese Herbs! My friend, Casey , and her husband, Phillip McClusky , are the dynamic duo behind this new company and I can’t imagine a better team to provide these high-quality, wildcrafted herbs. They sent us these complimentary samples to give them a shot.

Chinese tonic herbs have been used for more than 2,000 years with powerful results. Tonic herbs help to increase vitality, strengthen the body and mind, restore and nourish organs, treat the spirit and improve longevity. All herbs used in Vimergy’s products are wildcrafted in China, which means they grow naturally in rural areas and are harvested by hand. They use water extraction to carefully reduce the herbs’ essences to a 10:1 concentrated extracted power. They arrive ready to use in one simple step by dissolving them in hot water as a tea, or adding them into your smoothies or recipes. There are no gelatin pill casings, so you can feel confident that every herb you consume is as pure as they can offer.

Sadly, I can’t try these herbs myself during pregnancy, but Austin has been enjoying them a lot! He knows he’s going to need all the extra energy he can get come September…

4. Austin’s not the only one with some new herbs in his diet.


Yasha is trying a new herbal tea this week, too! The poor thing experienced her first UTI this week, and it’s been a pretty rough experience for us both. I hate it when she’s sick! Her vet informed me that these infections can become more common in dogs over 7 years of age, so I want to do everything I can to prevent this from happening again in the future. Yasha already eats the best possible diet I can give her, so I’m hoping this tea will just be an easy supplement to use in addition to that.

Here’s hoping it’s effective, and Yasha can avoid wearing the dreaded cone again…

-1 Poor thing!

: Have you tried anything new this week?

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