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Tuesday Newsday

Posted Feb 05 2013 10:14am
I know, I know, we're Tuesday. Where is my Monday post? LOL... :)

Let me explain...

Weekend Recap
All in all we had a wonderful weekend with time spent being together as a family and relaxing. I did, however, have a little incident on Saturday evening.

You see... K's friend called to ask us if we wanted to go skating with her. "Sure!", I said. I like skating. I'm not the best at it but I am very happy just skating slowly around the rink, letting myself glide.

Not long after we got on the ice, is when it happened. K was moving along slowly. She's not completely comfortable on skates yet. It's our fault really. Up until now, we never really put an emphasis on learning how to skate but now all her friends are calling her to go skating so we're kind of pinned against the wall. I make it sound like it's some evil chore! LOL... It really isn't. It's just that we need to get at it now :)

So we get on the ice, we're skating slowly when all of a sudden something hits me and pushes me from behind. It all happened so fast! Next thing I know, I fall on the ice and I twist my ankle. Ouch! Some young teenager was power-skating, hockey speed backwards and rammed right into me. The look I gave him! Boy! Let me tell you! I know kids will be kids but have some respect! When there are so many people on an indoor rink where everyone is going in the same direction, you know that you will knock someone over by skating backwards at top speed. Anyways...

Long story short, no cardio or lower strength training for me this week!

As I snap away today capturing all the delicious foods I'm eating today, I'll leave you with these quotes that I found and that I just had to share.

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