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Trying to find a bit of balance...

Posted Jan 03 2013 7:27pm
It seems strange to be trying to find a bit of balance at this otherwise, typically busy time of year.  Usually in the first week of January I am super busy trying to set some goals, figure out what races I want to run and trying to dream up ways that this will finally be the year that I master the skill and discipline of healthy eating.  Ha ha.  Not this year.

If you read my post yesterday you will know that I am desperately trying to kick a nasty cough before I head down to Florida next week.

And if you've been reading this blog throughout the rest of this year you will also know that while I'm down in Florida I'm going to be tackling what seems like the biggest, hairiest, most audacious goal I have ever set for myself - the Goofy Challenge.  And not only is it the Goofy Challenge but that marathon on Day Two of the challenge?  Yep, it's going to be my first full marathon ever.  Eeep.

And lastly, if you've ever travelled for a destination race, you will know that there is tons of planning and preparation that needs to happen while packing for said trip.  For Goofy, it's all of that times three since I'll actually be running 3 races while I am down there.

Anyhow, with all of that running just under 10 days away and this darn cough getting me down, I am really, really, really trying to find some kind of middle ground.  I'm trying to manage the excitement and anticipation of this whole experience so that I don't get too worked up and then am unable to sleep.  I'm trying to focus on my packing but without getting stressed out about forgetting something or not having packed the right piece of run gear.  I am trying to get the last of my training runs completed but without sacrificing any precious sleep or resting I should be doing to kick said cough.

I find myself analyzing everything I plan to do these past couple days.  Should I run or should I rest?  Should I stay up and get some packing done or should I go to bed.  Should I bring along a bunch of warm throwaway shirts or will I be okay with arm warmers and a garbage bag?  Running skirt or shorts?  What if it's sunny?  What if it's rainy?  I'm probably making it into more than it is, but to combat that I am trying very hard to make the right decisions and worry about my packing as little as possible so that I am as rested and healthy as possible by the time we leave next week.

Phew!  That's a lot off my chest!  Last night I decided to skip my run and go to bed early and it was so the right decision.  My new inhaler worked great and I had the best, uninterrupted sleep last night.  Nice.  Tonight I am planning to run with the Run Club (our last weeknight run!) and then come home and start pulling together some of those items from packing list.

It will all come together and I'll be rested and fine.  My little mind is just working overtime thinking about it all!  Do you do that before big races too?
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