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Trying new things–snacks edition

Posted Jun 09 2010 12:00am

Becoming a food blogger has made me try new things so I can tell you about them. Here is a list of a few new foods that I have tried and my reviews of what I thought.

  1. Justin’s Nut Butter: I found these 2 Tablespoon packs at the grocery store and thought they would be a perfect travel companion. First, I tried it at work so I wouldn’t be disappointed or left hungry if I didn’t like it while traveling. Then I took it with me , and it will surely become a new friend. I thought the serving size was perfect, and the packaging is really cute. It tasted great, was very smooth and creamy, and not too messy. I spread mine with a knife instead of using it as a squeeze pack, but either way works. Just make sure you bring something to spread it on!


2. Chobani Blueberry Flavor: Hello, creature of habit here. I started eating Chobani Vanilla a few months ago, but had not tried another flavor! I said I wanted to control the calories and if I wanted to add fruit, I would add the real stuff. But I decided to try blueberry. It was very tasty (I wasn’t expecting to not like it), is made with real blueberries, but has added sugar and calories.  I still am sticking to buying vanilla and adding to it. But an A+ for taste.

3. Quaker Quick Oats in the Microwave: This one was a flop. I tried adding milk and water to a pack of Quaker oats in a packet, and it didn’t do anything. Never congealed, just soupy. Went down the drain.



 4. Oikos Customer Service: Oikos Vanilla was the first Greek yogurt I tried, but a few weeks ago, I opened one and it was moldy. :( It was sad. But I tweeted what happened, they tweeted back and said to contact their customer service, and days later I got a coupon for not one replacement, but two! And a letter stating their commitment to quality. That is good customer service.



5. Larabar Minis: I was really excited when Larabars introduced their 100 calorie mini bars in a variety pack of Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, and Cashew Cookie. But then I bought them, snacked on them, and realized that they aren’t very filling. They still taste like the full bars, but in a mini size. Like  Justin’s Nut Butter above, they are great for travel or in case of an emergency snack. But to eat a 100 calorie snack and then feel like you still need more, it’s a little disappointing. It does make you guzzle a good amount of water! And water can fill you up too.

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