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Try or Triumph

Posted Dec 26 2009 12:00am

Over the Christmas holiday, I watched the new movie, Julie & Julia. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s basically about a girl who decides to blog each and every day for an entire year about her adventures as she learns how to cook from the famous chef, Julia Child’s.


Julie, {the blogger}, ends up having tons of people who follow her blog – and readers who adore her writing. She is sought after by news reporters and book editors… and basically, it’s just a dream come true for any blogger who has a blog! {Like me!} wink, wink!


Between watching that movie, reflecting back on the year’s events and thinking of areas where I’d like to improve… my fitness site was definitely an area that is going to be receiving some more TLC from me! :) I know I won’t be able to be like Julie from the movie, and blog each and every day… but I AM going to blog a little bit more, and be a little bit more – ME.


Ever since starting this blog, I’ve tried to keep it on the “professional and polished” side, but that was getting a little too boring for me. So something you’ll notice from here on out is that things are going to be a little more relaxed and comfy… like two friends just sitting down to chat over a nice chocolate protein shake with a slice of whole-wheat toast. Mmmmm! :) How does that sound?


So to get things rolling, let me introduce you to my family, since I’ll most definitely be talking a lot more about them on this site. This is my hottie husband Matt, my two kids Nic and Ella, and our dog Bear.




They are the awesome ones who support me in my love of health and fitness and try all the crazy recipes I set in front of them at dinner time. They are the cute kids who come and exercise with me with in the gym with Taylor Swift songs blaring on the speaker system or suffer through the loud volume from the TV coming up through the vent at 5:00 in the morning when I have to be an early bird that day. The hairy one in the middle? Well, he is my favorite walking companion in the summer time… who goes for miles and miles and never gives up on me and who keeps me company when I feel lonely out in the river-bottoms. And then there’s my main squeeze with the goatee and slick head. He is by far my biggest cheerleader and support system ever… who hides the chocolate chip cookies from me when I tell him my will power has flown out the window, and who tells me I’m dreaming when I feel those dang “love-handles” that all of us women hate with a passion!


As I’ve been working with my clients at the beginning of this new year, it has been SO fun to see their renewed zest for their fitness goals and ambitions. One of the things I’ve noticed with ALL of them, however, is the huge amount of ENCOURAGEMENT they are getting from home. Whether it’s been husbands supporting them and happily paying the personal training bill without a second glance… or kids catching mom’s trying to sneak an extra treat and calling them on it! When people are trying to make positive and lasting changes in their lives… and have the full support of loved ones backing them up… the results are going to be fantastic!


So now that I’ve told you all about my goal to “better-my-blog” and since my family is aware of it also… I fully intend on having the support and encouragement that I need to keep it going! {ha!} I’ll admit that after trying to keep my family blog up-to-date, checking emails, creating workouts and getting sucked into the trap of facebook throughout the day, sometimes I’m so worried about getting “blogger’s butt” that I decide I better hop off the couch and get busy!


Just like we do many times throughout our lives… we look at things we’d like to do differently, things we’d like to do better and then we decide we’re going to try harder. We decide we’re going to change. A quote that I heard not long ago sums it up best. It goes like this:


The difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is just a little UMPH! - Marvin Phillips


So get ready friends… cause here comes a little “umph” from me!


Go out and have a healthy day!






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