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Truvia Review + Paleo Challenge Round Up

Posted Sep 30 2012 1:11pm
Awwwwww what a relaxing Sunday I have been having, very lazy indeed but definitely needed! 
Even though I have had the day off I still woke up at the crack of dawn, being a nice girlfriend I left Dale to snooze and got my baking head on in the kitchen : )

Which leads me to my  truvia review.........a while ago I was contacted by the lovely peeps at  truvia to try out their new product made from the stevia leaf extract. If you are unsure what stevia is check out their site and get all the info in detail but to sum it up stevia is made from a plant which is super sweet and calorie free so you can use it instead of sugar or other sweeteners and it does not affect your blood sugar or have any hidden baddies!

So I got to thinking about what to bake for my review and as I had today off and its the end of my Paleo challenge I thought I would celebrate with some paleo friendly cookies!

Be warned the recipe that follows is pretty damn good and very VERY tasty!


Oh dear god, these are soooooooo good! The only thing I will say is they are a little crumbly but I can deal with that, as they are insanely delicious. It was the first time I have used dried bananas, I got them in my foodie penpal pack and I am very glad I did they gave these cookies extra chew!
My views on the truvia are a big thumbs up! I love the fact it doesn't taste like a sweetener and actually isn't too sweet, you don't need to use as much as you would normal sugar/syrup. The cookies just tasted damn good so I will definitely be using this again, I am looking forward to trying it in other recipes!

I enjoyed 2 for breakfast with a mint tea : )

Hmmmmmm and maybe another!
Me and Dale have been having a duvet day watching films and just chilling, I watched the much talked about Hunger Games which was great. I really enjoyed it and not reading the book I had nothing to compare it with which is sometimes a good thing!

For lunch I had a yummy plate of sweet potato and carrot chips, tuna and cucumber and maybe another cookie.....well it is Sunday! Ha ha
Ok now onto my Paleo Challenge review.
If you are a reader of Salad and Sequins then you will now that at the beginning of September I started a 30 Day Paleo challenge you can read up about it here and see the challenge rules.
First up I will share with what I have enjoyed, learnt and what I will definitely be carrying on with past this challenge. 
First of all I have lost 4lbs which is fab (not as much as some but I'm not complaining!), I have also seen much more definition to my core area which again is fab! My skin as become a lot clearer, which I have spoken about being a problem on here. I think this is down to the fact I haven't eaten soy, processed sugar or dairy for a month and that is definitely something I am going to be carrying on with. I will also continue to eat as clean as possible from now on and when I want to have something a little sweet or 'naughty' I now know I can get that from still eating clean! For instance a bowl of chopped apple, dates, coconut and seeds is perfect for taming the sweet beast inside me! I am going to continue to eat gluten free too, I don't have a gluten allergy (I have been tested) but I do have a yeast allergy and most things that contain gluten contain yeast and it is a highly processed food and I am not going to include that in my diet. 
Right onto the things I will not be carrying on with. Even though at first I enjoyed eating some varied meat dishes (I have never eaten much meat) I became quite bored with making myself eat meat for the challenge and I started to feel quite heavy from it too (with a few toilet issues, sorry but gotta be truthful on here!). I wont be carrying on with this meat fest and for now I wont be eating it for a while, I will get my main protein from fish and eggs. If I am honest I can't see me living the rest of my life not eating pulses or any grains either. I don't eat that many but I don't want to not be allowed to, I am looking forward to having a bowl of quinoa and some rice. Oh and the other thing COFFEE!!!!!!!! I have done my 30 days with out my beloved coffee and i can't bloody wait to have a cup! I will mostly stick to decaff but boy I do love my coffee, I think it has been good to give my body a rest as I was starting to drink to many. I'm going to try and stick to 1 a day from now on but I will defo be drinking it again! I found doing this challenge to be pretty expensive too, I'm looking forward to cutting my food bill down!
To sum up: I have enjoyed my 30 days and it has shown me I can stick to a challenge, I am going to cut dairy, soy, gluten and highly processed foods out of my diet and keep it pretty much clean. I will be eating some grains like rice and quinoa.
Well that's that, if your still reading and awake thanks for sticking with me! Check back tomorrow for my foodie penpal post and my October challenge I am setting for myself! 
Have you done the paleo diet, what did you find?
Have you tried truvia, what did you think?
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