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truncal ataxia cyst in ovaries

Posted by cinnveet

In April was having alot of pain. like runners cramps, abdominal cramps, contractions. went to have a gyno check up.  Havent had a period in 6 months.  I am 44yrs old.  they checked and I am not prementalpasual. pap came out fine.  Then ended up doing an ultra sound in may to find cysts on both left and right ovaries.  Was diagnosed with Ataxia April 1st 2010.  Oh also with this gyno exam they said I have herpes 2.   How I contracted that is a myth.  happly married 26yrs.  I have an auto immuned desease.  My husband and I have our subspisions but thats for another time.   Now I for get who told me or what dr said it. that I need to get these cyst removed asap as  Ataxia is the cause.  It is rare but it is also a chance that it is cancer to.  They also told me if I just remove the cysts that they will just keep comming back, and I should talk to my gyno about removal of my ovaries. This all took place in Pa because of the stroke I had while visiting.  I ended up staying there for treatments now back in fla they didn internal ultra sound and i have even more cysts and the old one are larger, I see the gyno next week..

Any advice would be appreciate,  I also have chronic progressive M.S. & Lupus

Thank you,

Cynthia Vittore

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