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True Lemon®: Get Real Lemon In a Powder … With No Rind! | Healthy Food of The Day

Posted Nov 21 2008 2:01pm

True Lemon has everything you’d want in a lemon juice … sans the juicer or rind. Learn why True Lemon deserves to be in every Clean Eating pantry.

A question for you: What food has zero calories, zero fat, zero sugar, less than one gram of carbs and Image of True Lemon Crystallized Lemon Juice 25% of your U.S. recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C?

If you answered lemons (which I bet you didn’t), you’d be only partially right.

It’s called True Lemon®, and it’s one of those foods that once you discover it, you can’t really imagine not always having some of it around.

Not only is it a healthy way to make plain old water taste better, but you can use it in place of fresh lemon juice in things like tea and healthy recipes (for example vinaigrettes for dressing your salad.)

The best part? True Lemon is the ultimate portable flavor-enhancer. While carting around a whole lemon to add to your tea isn’t really practical for most people, a packet of True Lemon can accomplish the same thing with less effort.  And because it’s crystallized, the True Lemon people can put it in tiny, 0.8 gram packets that you can litter around the places where you’d need it the most, like the car glove box, your laptop bag, your desk drawer and even your coat pocket.

In other words, True Lemon is like carrying a fresh lemon with you in your pocket — without the bulk, rind, and lemon juicer implement to contend with.

What Is True Lemon? And is it Real Lemon?

True Lemon is real lemon — it’s made from lemon juices and the volatile oils in lemon rinds which give lemons their fragrance, vitamins and sour “punch” that we all love in drinks, teas and recipes. The difference between real lemons and the bag of lemons in the green or yellow mesh pouch that you buy at the grocery store has to do with the portability of it.

The folks at Real Lemon have developed a way to take lemon juice from whole lemons, as well as the oils from the lemon’s rind, and crystallize it in a way that preserves the natural flavor, tartness and properties of lemon juice. They then wrap it up in a tiny package that is more economical and convenient than carrying around a bag of lemons (or grabbing one of those possibly unsanitary lemon wedges off from the drink station at a restaurant.)

Want a little lemon kick to your iced tea or sparkling water? No problem. Just pull out a packet of Real Lemon, tear it open, and dump it in. Honestly, I’d challenge anyone to tell the difference between Real Lemon and the “real” stuff in the heavy yellow rind.  I know a bunch of “lemon-in-my -ea” fanatics who have switched to Real Lemon because they can control the tartness, and add lemon flavor, even when a restaurant doesn’t have fresh lemon wedges available.

True Lemon and Recipes and Baking

True Lemon is also a great stand-in for fresh lemon juice in things like marinades, coating or salad dressings.

Case in Point: While I always try to keep some fresh lemons on hand, a few nights ago, I ran short when I was whipping together a vinaigrettes.  I was actually a bit apprehensive about substituting Real Lemon powder in for the fresh stuff, but really didn’t have much choice. In the end, I was surprised at what a great stand-in Real Lemon was for fresh lemon juice. I have a suspicion that most people, including myself, would never be able to tell the difference.



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