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Troubleshoot a Dell 2XRG7 Battery That is Not Charging

Posted May 17 2013 7:06am

Losing money, or failing to complete your assignments on time, because of a laptop battery that refuses to charge, is a frustrating affair. Unfortunately, over 50 percent of Dell 2XRG7 enthusiasts grapple with this problem, within the first five years of their laptops' lives. In the event that the unfortunate happens and you become part of the static, you should do the following to troubleshoot, and restore a Dell 2XRG7 that is not charging to its original state:


If for some unexplained reasons, your 2XRG7 laptop battery stops charging, you can easily make the wrong decision if you do not plan well. Instead of in your frustration, buying the first Dell battery that you come across offline or online, you should determine whether your battery has a problem, or if your  Dell adapter  or laptop has malfunctioned. You can do this in two simple steps; first, check your charger to make sure that is receiving power. Buy or borrow a multimeter from a friend and check the adapter. If the reading is zero, or a value below the optimum, chances are that your adapter and not your battery or laptop is causing the problem. However, if the adapter is okay, remove the battery from your laptop and power it using the adapter. If your laptop powers well, your battery has malfunctioned or is on the verge of dying. Take the following two steps to remedy the situation.


Laptop batteries, like other electrical gadgets, depend on software to work optimally. Over time, worms and viruses can corrupt or damage such software, and cause charging issues. In view of this fact, the first step you should take, if you are trying to repair a  Dell 2XRG7 laptop battery  that is not charging is to uninstall and reinstall its software and drivers. Consider the following steps if you are using Windows operating system, to increase chances of success:


1. Open device manager. You can do this by clicking the Start button on your laptop and typing device in its search field. Double click the Device manage icon under the control panel prompt. If this sounds complicated, left click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop and go to properties. Navigate to Device Manager.


2. After you have opened your laptops device manager, expand the "Batteries" tree and right-click the prompt, Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. Uninstall the battery, without tampering with any other setting.


3. Finally, on the task bar or your device manager, click the Action tab and then update driver software. Your laptop will scan all hardware, including your  Dell 2XRG7 battery, and reinstall all missing software. Once the process is complete, plug your laptop on a power outlet and check if the battery is charging. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.


Did you know that to charge to capacity, your 2XRG7 laptop battery must be in constant contact with your laptop motherboard? If this contact breaks at any point, it fails to receive power, leading to the foregoing problem. After you have reinstalled your battery's software with no success, the next step that you should take is to re-sit the battery on your laptop's contacts. Remove the Dell 2XRG7 battery from your laptop. Inspect it for signs of damage such as burns, cracks, or leaks, and then clean its contacts with rubbing alcohol. Re-sit the battery in your computer and check if you have solved the problem. If at this point, the  Dell battery  in your laptop still refuses to charge, it is a clear sign that it is dead. Break your piggy bank, visit your favorite laptop store, and buy a replacement battery.


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