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Triphala Benefits and Natural Colon Cleanser

Posted Apr 07 2011 11:07am

Triphala is combination of three herbs: Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Amla helps to fix damaged cells on the intestinal wall, and the fruit contains the uppermost natural known source of vitamin C. It is said to have 20 times the vitamin C percent in orange. Bibhitaki acts to take away mucus build-up where bacteria, yeast and parasites can proliferate. The last is Haritaki, which acts as a bowel toner, slightly than a laxative.


These three herbs effort in consort to quietly promote internal cleansing of all situations of stagnation and excess, while at the same time, they aid in the digestion and absorption of food. In India, Triphala is measured the supreme and most versatile of all herbal formulations. For centuries, Triphala has been extensively known and used as a standard household health supplement.


Triphala is regarded as a significant rasayana in Ayurvedic medicine. Medicinal herbs in the rasayana group are believed to encourage health, immunity, and long life. In many households, it is taken on a daily basis by all family members to help prevent disease and maintain health. Triphala is recommended in Ayurveda for the treatment of a variety of circumstances, and also forms a base for many other herbal formulations. It is measured to be one of the most valued arrangements by practitioners of traditional Ayurvedic medicine.


Triphala is composed of three fruits, namely Harada (haritaki), Amla (amalaki) and Behada (bibhitaki). Triphala Ingredients are Whole powdered fruits and/or herbal (fruit) extracts of Beleric myrobalan Bibhitaki, Chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia chebula)


Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki:

Amalaki (Amla, Indian Gooseberry, Emblic Myrobalan): Amla which is sour, astringent, sweet, pungent, bitter and cooling; Works on the Lungs, Liver, Stomach and Heart. Amla has a sour flavor which corresponds to the pitta humour and the fire element in Ayurvedic medicine. Amla is a source of antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, and Vitamin C. It is the among the highest known land sources of vitamin C, Having 20 times the vitamin C content of an orange. This age and heat stable form of vitamin C in Amla is due to the presence of certain tannins that bind and inhibit its dissipation.


Haritaki (Harada, Chebulic Myrobalan): Harada has five of the six ayurvedic flavors but particularly a bitter flavor. It is associated with the vata humour as well as the air and space elements. It treats imbalances and diseases of the vata humour. The fruit, traditionally picked in the spring, is a rich source of tannins, amino acids, fructose, succinic acid and Beta Sitosterol. One of numerous studies of Harada demonstrated its 'anti-vata' or anti-spasmodic properties by the reduction of abnormal blood pressure as well as intestinal spasms. This confirms its traditional usefulness for heart conditions, spastic colon and other intestinal disorders.


Bibhitaki (Behada, Beleric Myrobalan): Behada is astringent, sweet, bitter, pungent and warm; Works on the Lungs, Heart and Liver. Studies of the fruit of Bihada found that it contains up to 35% oil and 40% protein. The oil is used in soap making and by the poorer classes as a substitute cooking oil for ghee. The sweet smelling oil is 35% palmitic, 24% oleic and 31% linoleic. Linoleic oil is an essential fatty acid important for increasing HDL cholesterol, associated with a healthy state and reducing LDL cholesterol, considered to indicate a higher-than-average risk for developing coronary-heart.


Triphala is also widely taken for all eye diseases including the problem of conjunctivitis, progressive myopia, the early stages of glaucoma and cataracts. For these conditions, it is taken daily both internally as described above, as well as externally as an eye wash. Steep one tablespoonful of the powder or six capsules extract in an 8 ounce glass of water overnight. In the morning, strain the infusion through a clean cloth. The resultant tea is used to sprinkle over the eyes or used in an eyewash in an eyecup that can be readily purchased at most drug stores. One can drink the remainder in one or two doses, morning and evening. Taken in this way for at least three months, Triphala becomes an herbal eye tonic.


How to take Triphala?

Triphala is available both in capsule and powdered form. One can take 1 to 2 capsules at bedtime with warm water. If taken in the powdered form dissolve one teaspoon of powder in one cup of water or fruit juice and let it sit over night or at least 2 hours for mild cleansing. Since Triphala has a strong taste dissolving use is a better choice and you may also place some honey on the tongue before swallowing the liquid. About an hour later drink one liter of slightly salty warm water to help flush through the intestines.


If that does not do the job increase the dosage. It can also be taken in moderate doses daily removes excess vata, pitta and kapha from the body, bringing balance and proper functioning to the system. It is advisable to drink plenty of water throughout the day too as it assists in the colon cleansing process. Water is a natural cleanser and an ideal intake of water daily is 10-12 glasses of water a day. However, it is not advisable to do colon cleansing if a person is underweight, having diarrhea or dysentery. It is not advisable to be used by children below the age of 14 or pregnant women without consultation from a Doctor.


Health Benefits of Triphala


It acts as an antioxidant agent preventing any free radical development in the body. This property of triphala helps it to stop early aging signs like wrinkles and premature graying of hairs.


It is useful in regularizing the normal peristaltic movements that are very vital for correct passage of food from one organ to another. This helps in aiding the digestion of food in good amount of time.


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It acts as an appetizer as it helps in appropriate digestion of the food.


It is very successful in stimulating the liver for its functioning to the optimized level. More over it also helps in secretion of the bile juices that are very much necessary for fat metabolism.


It is very much useful in reducing the plaque formation in the arteries thereby reducing the threat of heart associated problems caused due to arteriosclerosis.


It is useful in maintaining the proper secretions of the endocrinal system that are accountable for maintaining the appropriate homeostasis in the body and aiding the correct functioning of all the physiological processes in the body.


It is an outstanding remedy for eyes connected problems and helps in improving the eye vision and strengthens the muscles of the eyes.


Last but not the least, being a mild laxative it helps in evacuating the bowel and therefore is measured as one of the best body detoxifier and facilitates expulsion of toxins out of the body.


Triphala helps in maintaining the correct levels of the cholesterol in the body thereby preventing us from fatal and deadly heart problems. It helps in curbing the creation of low density lipoprotein (LDL).


It is very much successful in suppressing any type of infection or foreign invasion in the blood thereby helpful in preventing any kind of skin associated diseases and other infectious situation in the body.

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