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Triathlon: More Specifically, Cycling

Posted Oct 25 2012 10:19am
If you've been following my running career  (haha, career) you'll know I just celebrated my first anniversary in September of this year. I'm a baby-runner at best. 

What I don't mention often (or ever, until now) is my secret obsession with triathlon. Even Brett is in the dark on this one. As a matter of fact, he is still in the dark since he never reads AHL. Grrrrrr.

Ever since I learned what this Ironman business was all about I've been having these dreams of someday hearing the words bellowed from Mike Reilly's voice, "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN." I can't even put my name in the sentence for fear it might jinx my master plan.
Here's the real crux of the issue, however. I'm terrified of my beautiful Trek 2.1 Road Bike. It's not an unrealistic fear like my bike is going to come alive and eat me or anything crazy like that. No, my fear dates back to my climbing days. When I used to scream, "TAAAAAKE!!!" to avoid a scrape. Yes, a scrape. Not a broken bone, not a life-threatening injury... just a piddly little scrape. Totally realistic. 

I'm SO deathly afraid of getting scraped up I refuse to ride my bike on roads with traffic. WITH TRAFFIC? ***shudder***

Yesterday was too nice not to ride, however. 80 degrees on October 24 in the Midwest? I'll take it. So I ate a little lunch and found one of my favorite trails along the great Mississippi River to go for a nice leisurely ride.
YUMMY lunch.
The first half of my ride was awesome. I actually felt like I kind of knew what I was doing. I was pedaling along at a nice clip, for me, and loving the warm, fall/winter day. Until all the trees disappeared and Mr. Wind decided to grace me with his presence. 
Pretending to know what I'm doing.

I'm pretty sure I was about this close to being swept away with my Trek attached to my feet by the big bad bully, Mr. Wind. This happened at least a dozen times. I kept telling myself, "Be adventurous!" and "What would Chrissie Wellington do?!" Thankfully, I walked away... Steffi-1, Mr. Wind-0

This ought to be a good story... Steffi and Her Bike. To be continued on another warm and not so blustery day (one can hope)... 

Wanna Share?
Are you an avid biker? Ever hit a wall of cross-wind that almost sent you or did send you flying? Tell us more!! Wait, you have pictures of the aftermath? Even better!

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