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Treats, Tricks & ACV Tea

Posted Nov 01 2012 11:05pm

We survived the hurricane.

It was pretty scary. I was certain at one point that our windows were going to blow in, or a tree was going to come crashing into the nursery. We didn’t get damage nearly as bad here as other places, but I do have friends 5 minutes away who still have no power. We were lucky to only lose it for a day.

My heart goes out to everyone who’s lives have been turned upside down because of the devastation of this storm.


For us, it wasn’t a matter of if we lost power, it was a matter of when. And when we did we were prepared with a fully charged Nook, phones, candles and each other. Listening to the wind was freaking me out, but all that mattered was we were all home, safe and sound. Luckily we live on the second floor so flooding was not something we had to worry about. I feel so blessed and keep watching the news and praying for everyone affected. We were actually supposed to go to Atlantic City tomorrow for the weekend. I don’t think that’s happening. We know a lot of people with homes at the shore points and some places have just been destroyed. So sad.

Many of the townships “cancelled” Halloween until this weekend. There were a lot of trees, down wires and debris in certain areas. My mother in law always gets a ton of trick or treaters in her neighborhood, so we originally made plans to go there so Ella could hang with her cousin and see all the kids that came by.

IMG_3299 copy

IMG_3308 IMG_3325 copy

Although they “cancelled” Halloween, the neighborhood was bumping. A lot of people were posting on facebook that it was varying neighborhood to neighborhood. My nephew was itching to go out and my sister in law asked if we would join. I wasn’t planning on taking Ella around—it was dark, she’s all over the place and doesn’t even eat candy. But we went and I’m glad because it was hilarious.

photo-13 photo-14

Ella was trotting down the street holding Z’s pumpkin bucket trick or treating for leaves. SO funny. Z would ring the bell and great the person answering the door, while Ella greeted them also with her bird-like babbling. {side note: doesn’t her costume look like a nun  from the back?}.

Good times.

After Ella’s nice  warm bath and bedtime made myself something new. Lori from Purely Twins posted a drink that looked amazing on instagram a few days ago. Apple cider vinegar and cinnamon drink. I got out my tea kettle and boiled some water to make a batch of Apple Cider Vinegar tea for myself. It was just what I needed to warm my bones.

I am kind of addicted to it now. It’s quite delicious! Thanks for the inspiration , Lori! Here’s what I did in case you want to try:

    Print This!    


There are so many wonderful benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar. Such as:

  • Regulates blood sugar (okay, I really needed it because I snuck a few pieces of the Halloween candy Ella collected Winking smile )
  • Great for digestion: The antibiotic properties in ACV may help cure tummy woes. Diarrhea? Sip some ACV! The pectins will help relieve intestinal spasms.
  • May Lower Cholesterol
  • May Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Weight Loss
  •  Better than pepcid! If you’re going to have a “sometimes” food, sip some acv and honey water before eating that cheesesteak to minimize your indigestion.
  • Sinus problems: great tip, especially now! If you get a nasty cold or get all plugged up from allergies, ACV will help open you up!
  • Sore throat: Instead of reaching for a cough drop, honey and acv again will do the trick. Much more natural, more effective, and much better for you!

read more benefits here !

Make sure you buy vinegar that has the “mother” inside. That scary gloopy thing at the bottom is where all the antibiotic and antimicrobial properties lie! I like Bragg’s apple cider vinegar.


Speaking of fighting off colds….Michael mentioned the other day he felt like he may be coming down with something. The I had one of those days where I couldn’t quench my thirst and my throat was really dry. This is how it always starts for me. A nasty cold in the making. While I am not sick now (knock on wood) I have been taking preventative measures. I HATE being sick. And I get really psycho about trying NOT to be.

Lots of probiotics, vitamin C, and ^tea.

Which  leads me to the worst decision of the day award:


Leaving a FULL Kevita bottle on a table accessible to a toddler who is a master at unscrewing bottle caps.

I was in the kitchen and heard this funny fizzing noise, only to see that little miss dumped the ENTIRE bottle out on my carpet. While giggling. Not good. At least she thinks she’s funny.

She kind of is though (totally did this to herself. She is now obsessed with wearing both Mike and my shoes and walking around the house in them. My little panda-nun marathoner)

IMG_3338 IMG_3329

Throwback Halloween photo:

photo-6 photo-5

My and my younger brother. My parents used to go ALL OUT for us at Halloween. Our costumes were always home made and amazing (we always picked what we wanted to be, and our parents would make it happen themselves). I really need to step it up next year for Ella. I’ve always loved Halloween. When she’s a little older it will be so much fun making her costumes—if she lets me. They have such a bigger selection now than they did when I was a kid (remember the Woolworth plastic “trash bag” looking things with the masks anyone? Yuck)

Talk soon!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Favorite costumes this year?


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