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Treatment For Ovarian Cysts

Posted Apr 10 2009 11:16pm

Ovarian Cyst Treatment is something that should be approach with a little research, because there are options available to help you effectively treat them and end the cycle of repeated pain and agony associated with them. For the most part they end up being harmless and actually go away on their own and are dissolve by the body.

If you are you looking for a solution for ovarian cyst, thena thorough reading of this article could be exceptionally useful to you.

Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

One form of Ovarian Cysts Treatment is those good old birth control pills. Birth control pills are a condensed form of estrogen and progesterone that can control a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle. Under doctor orders, if you took birth control pills continuously and by passing the regular sugar pills a woman can prevent her period from beginning.

A brief explanation: ovarian cysts particularly the functional ovarian cyst can not form if you are not menstruating, because your ovaries are not releasing any eggs; thus, birth control pills prevents the growth of ovarian cyst.

You could opt for a cystectomy. It is best described as a medical procedure in which the doctors remove part or all of the bladder, gallbladder or any cyst in the pelvic region, for the purpose of our article it would be ovarian cysts being removed from an ovary.

Though this method is more associated with bladder cancer, research has shown that they can be very effective in treating non-cancerous ovarian cysts.

Another surgical option is the oophorectomy. This medical procedure is also known as an ovariotomy or orchiectomy. In this surgical intervention, the doctors remove one or both of a woman’s ovaries. Due to the serious nature of this particular procedure it will permanently alter a woman hormonally. Usually, this is last option procedure.

Here’s the bottom-line on the oophorectomy procedure. Once your ovaries have been removed, you no longer have the ability to produce and control estrogen levels in your body. In such an instance, your doctor will get you up setup with hormone treatments.

In covering our final treatments for ovarian cysts, we step into the realm that women are aggressively looking for and moving towards in mass numbers. With such increased interest to be natural in our approach to healing and wellness, it has been found that changes in a women level of stress and what and how you eat can effect whether or not you will be able to control your episodes of ovarian cysts.

Holistic and/or Natural Healing for Ovarian Cysts

This is the overwhelming favorite solution as a treatment for ovarian cyst. It is not harsh on your body and does not require any kind of invasive, risky surgical procedure. Plus, no long recovery periods and if it works for you still have your ovaries working and regulating your hormones.

However, it does require you taking responsibility for your overall and doing something about the situation in a definitive way. Down below are a some recommendations on treatment options that could quite dramatically improve your situation:

• Eliminating those steroid, chemically laden red meats

• Eating a diet that is rich in whole grain and bulk leafy vegetables (raw or very lightly steamed)

• Consider a Homeopathic approach but, move forward cautiously.

• Anti-oxidants to halt the negative forces of out of control and highly destructive free radicals

Overall your top recommendation is prevention! It is much better preventing the problem, than having to correct the problem after you already have it. The healthy natural way can change your body in such a way to prevent you from ever having to contend with another outbreak of ovarian cyst again, because it has the ability to clean up your body’s systems and improve function.

It is always a good idea to visit your physician for regular annual pelvic and pap examination, because he may be able to detect find issues early and more effectively treat them.

Ovarian Cysts Anyone? Review a treatment plan at the following link: Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Author: Jeff Gadley – is a former registered nurse and fitness trainer. He writes a wide variety of articles on health, fitness and nutrition all in an effort to help people find healthy-life changing solutions.

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