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Treating Cellulite:TreatmentsThat Work

Posted Nov 28 2010 9:11am

< p>Cellulite is the persistent fat trapped in between bands of connective tissue resulting in a bumpy lumpy look about the hips, buttocks and thighs of most ladies and even some men.

Ninety percent of ladies have it. While hormones and age do play a role in the developing cellulite, they aren’t completely limiting factors. Cellulite could be reduced at any age.


1. The initial and most important thing you can do for cellulite reduction is physical exercise. Physical exercise may be broken down into Cardiovascular Exercise and Muscular Strength and Conditioning Exercise.

- Cardiovascular Physical exercise will assist you to burn calories and lose some of the fat that is caught between the bands of connective tissue. In order for cardiovascular exercise to become effective, you should manage to fit in at least 30 minutes, 3 times per week. This 30 minute interval may be broken down into three 10 minute segments, two 15 minute segments or one 30 minute segment. Keep in mind that your metabolism stays elevated for a few hours after you do your cardiovascular exercise, so you continue to burn much more calories even after you’re finished. Cardiovascular exercise also helps to improve circulation that is essential to reducing the look of cellulite.

- Muscular strength and conditioning exercises will increase muscle tone in the cellulite prone places and result in a smoother more attractive look. Picture a freshly filled balloon. It is full of air and as a result really smooth. Now consider the skin covering your cellulite prone places like the balloon. If you have lots of nice muscle tissue underneath, it will press up about the fat that is underneath and make it appear smoother. If you’re a lady, don’t be afraid in becoming too muscular from strength training.

2. The next therapy for cellulite reduction is diet. It’s crucial to reduce or get rid of white sugar and white flour. This doesn’t meant you cut out carbohydrates. It merely means to look for whole grain items rather than ones that are made from white sugar. Try to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet everyday. Whole fruits and vegetables contain fiber that is very important in regulating your digestive system. Attempt to drink lots of water as opposed to drinking fruit juices and soft drinks.

3. There are lots of kinds of treatments that help to decrease the look of cellulite. Some of these treatments are done in medical spas or are performed by dermatologists. The availability of these treatments varies by location. A list of cellulite remedies includes Endermologie, massage, body wraps and Velasmooth. Velasmooth is the initial cellulite treatment to become approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States).  There are house devices that claim to reduce cellulite that vary in price and effectiveness. Many cosmetic businesses offer topical remedies that may also decrease the appearance of cellulite. Be sure to check the ingredients for substances that might result in an allergic reaction because of user sensitivity.

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