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Treadmill Workout & Run Streak

Posted May 23 2012 1:49pm

Old School

From Memorial Day (May 28th) to Independence Day (July 4th), run at least 1 mile/day. 38 days of running!

Use hashtag #RWRunStreak when sharing with @runnersworld on twitter.

I couldn't participate in the Holiday Streak as I was recovering from PF, but I'm ALL-IN for this.

Join me? Clothing optional.
Cooper streaking
To get your run streak started, try a fun treadmill workout (yes, treadmill and fun were used in the same sentence)!

This run forces you to perform short bursts of more intense running every 3 minutes while still getting in miles. A form of HIIT on the treadmill.

HIIT improves anaerobic function, fat burning, & cardio-respiratory fitness.
Warm-up for 9 minutes or about 1 mile.
Add 2.0 mph to about a marathon pace effort for 30 seconds. I used 7.0 mph as my base (8:34/mile pace) and jumped up to 9.0 mph (6:40/mile pace) for the 30 seconds.

30 in 3
0-9       Warm-up
9:00 -   Increase speed by 2.0 mph
9:30 -   Decrease speed by 2.0 mph
12:00 - Add 2.0 mph
12:30 - Decrease speed
15:00 - Add 2.0 mph
15:30 - Decrease speed
18:00 - Add 2.0 mph
18:30 - Decrease speed
21:00 - Add 2.0 mph
21:30 - Decrease speed
24:00 - Add 2.0 mph
24:30 - Decrease speed
27:00 - Add 2.0 mph
27:30 - Decrease speed
30:00 - Add 2.0 mph
30:30 - Decrease speed
33:00 - Cool down

If you are a beginner, start at a comfortable pace (walking is okay) and jog for the 30 seconds.

This made my run fly by, and I plan to kick it up a notch next time as 2:30 minute recovery is plenty.

I also recorded a vlog which will be posted soon. Here is a facial expression captured. Lovely.

Have you ever gone run streaking?

What are your plans this extended weekend?

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