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Travel Workout (2nd edition)

Posted Jul 01 2009 12:00am

Think you can handle the first workout i posted? Try this one, and feel the sweet after burn. You’ll need Resistance bands, an 18 pound bodybar, and a jump rope, or some other form of cardio. The cardio in this workout is short 2 minute bursts at the end of each set. This is actually beneficial to your body because you burn more fat and its also saving lots of time compared to a 30min nonstop cardio session. My resistance bands came with a door latch, so you can do tricep push downs, if yours doesn’t have a door latch, do tricep dips in super set 3.

-push up x3

-1 leg squat, body bar on back x3

- 2mins cardio x3


- 100 bodybar skull crushers x3

- jump lunge, bodybar on back x3

- 100 bodybar rows, or resistance band rows x3

- 2mins cardio x3


-60 sumo squats, bodybar on back x3

-100 tricep push downs, or chair dips. x3

-2mins cardio x3


-crunches, into leg raises x3

-100 bodybar overhead presses x3

-side crunches x3

-2mins cardio x3


-100 bodybar bicep curls x3

-right into 30 resistance band curls x3

-resistance band tricep kick backs x3

-2mins cardio x3

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