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travel tips (+ travel freebies!)

Posted Jul 01 2009 12:00am

While I don’t claim to be a travel goddess, I think that my completely ridiculous tendency to plan and research everything has helped me track down some pretty sweet travel tips and goodies for the woman on the go (and around the world)! Chicks have specific travel needs… and they are very different than that of our male counterparts. Here are some of the things that I’m using on my trip…

1. The HATBUS daily wardrobe figure-outer.

I made this up, because I’m crazy. I just jot a little stick figure, and the word HATBUS on a little note pad and it helps me plan what I’m going to wear (and what to pack) for everyday!

Hair, Accessories, Top, Bottom, Undies, and Shoes

2. Lined Trip Notes.

I made these, because I LOVE writing out lists. This is the perfect note paper for writing down your list of things to do, to buy, and to pack for your trip. For me, I liked the free form way that the categories are divided, because my notes are often misshapen and random. I just print out a page or two of these and use them to collect my thoughts for the trip in one place. (and NOT on a million post-its.

Click below to download the PDF!

(please comment if taking. :D )


3. My perfect Itinerary worksheet

I like to have an itinerary… and I like it to be detailed. I want to be able to write down things, in the order that they happen, as well as jot any pertinent information regarding that activity in one place. For that, I use this 2-day per page itinerary format. I like that it folds, long ways, and that I can see 2 days at one time. It lets me track things by the hour, which helps keep me organized. For me, it is the perfect itinerary planning worksheet. I type what I know in the Excel Document, print it out, and update other information, as it develops in pencil.

Click below to download the XLS!

(please comment if taking. :D )

4. Great travel snacks

I REFUSE to blow my vacation money on airport food and fast food that is bad for me. I LOVE junk food. But with a little planning, I can leave my (8 hour!) layover with a clear concience. I want to eat like a queen while I’m on vacation, but not in the airport. So, I will be bringing some really great snacks.

  • Fruit
  • Peanut Butter packets (I found mine at Sprouts)
  • Home Made Muffins (I’m making zuchinni and something else… I haven’t decided yet. :D )
  • Home Made TRAIL MIX! – For way cheaper (And healthier), I went to the bulk bins at the whole food store (Again, I went to sprouts) and put together my own trail mix including: raw almonds, dried apple rings, dried apricots, dried raisins, peanuts, roasted peas, sunflower seeds, annie’s cheddar bunnies, and peanut butter puffins. It isn’t SPOT on the recommended daily break down of proteins and fats, but it is pretty close, and I will be eating it as a full meal:


I suppose that is all… (I can’t think of a 5th one! GAH! that makes me crazy. haha.)

I hope that these tips help you in your travels… :D Have a great day!

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