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A little look at an amazing weekend in an amazing city.

Brussels | The Pursuit of HippienessIMG_2947 Brussels | The Pursuit of Hippieness

Brussels | The Pursuit of HippienessBrussels | The Pursuit of Hippieness


Brussels | The Pursuit of Hippieness


Brussels | The Pursuit of HippienessDSC_0015DSC_0078_1Brussels | The Pursuit of Hippieness Brussels | The Pursuit of HippienessIMG_2929DSC_0047

Some highlights:

  1. Our accomodations. We booked through Airbnb and snagged a beautiful apartment that was so convenient to everything. The owner was such a sweetheart and made everything so easy for us.
  2. The Magritte MuseumThe Horta House, and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. The Magritte exhibition was particularly wonderful (as you saw Monday) but the Horta House was just incredible. I wish we could have taken pictures of this incredible art nouveau apartment; alas, no cameras, bags, phones- anything- allowed.
  3. Dinner at La Kasbah. An amazing Moroccan restaurant complete with lanterns, tagines, and tapas. We followed that with La Mort Subite to sample some local beers. The hall was very crowded but the specialties that we tried were delicious, including a Framboise (raspberry) that I brought back with me.
  4. Frites, Waffles, chocolate. Ohhhh the chocolate. I think a solid 30% of our trip was devoted to scoping out or eating chocolate. Brussels (and Belgium in general) happens to be the birthplace of basically every amazing confection ever created on this earth: pralines, marzipan, waffles, speculoos… And the french fries are also a must. We tried all of the above, and were particularly smitten with Maison Dandoy. Waffles: not vegan, but absolutely worth a few bites. When in Rome…
  5. Walking, observing. Brussels is such a beautiful city. It is really hard to describe, though I hope I captured a sense of it here. It’s like a melange of eastern and western architecture, antique and modern, so cultural but with a little grit. There were markets everywhere, which, thrifter that I am, made me giddy. There was definitely a heavy tourist scene, particularly since we were there on a weekend, and Brussels is small: most of it revolves around the city center. But thanks to some research and awesome recommendations (thanks Allie!) we managed to somewhat evade the masses and really get a sense of this beautiful place.



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