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Transitioning from taper to training...

Posted Jun 17 2013 10:11am
This weekend I ran my first long run for this round of marathon training.  A nice easy 10km but you know what?  It didn't exactly feel as easy as it should have.

On Thursday I put this run off so much it was 9:30pm
by the time I finally jumped on the treadmill! 
Not that the run itself was hard, certainly not.  But I think because my mind hasn't quite caught up yet with the fact that I'm back in training again.  It sounds silly since I just ran a 56km race not long ago, but I totally felt a bit of "ooh, 10km, that's kind of long..." yesterday morning as I drove down to the store and hopped out of the car.  I was amped to run on such a beautiful morning but I had a bit of that slow start kind of feeling as we headed out from the store on our run.

It wasn't a big deal though and I ended up really enjoying the run.  How could I not, it was just so warm and sunny yesterday.  A truly lovely day for a run.  But I will admit that aside from the first night of our clinic (which was just too exciting to not be pumped about) my other two runs this past week took a bit of extra oomph to get done.

I guess I'm just not in that training mindset yet.  But it's really no surprise when you look at my last little while...

Yep, it's been a pretty quiet last month on the running front with so much tapering and recovery.  All of the rest has been awesome but it's time to whip this mind and body back into training mode.  Back into the routine where:
  • Training runs aren't a question, they're just a part of my day no matter what;
  • 8 or 10 km runs during the week don't feel like a chore;
  • Making better food choices comes easy again because I can see the difference it makes; and
  • Long Sunday morning runs are back on the schedule every week (I sure miss those group runs, can't wait to get running regularly with our clinic group)
I've got so many great events coming up with RnR Seattle half , Scotiabank halfSeawheeze  and Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare  this summer, then Surrey Marathon , Spirit of the Shore half marathon and Okanagan this fall.  Having so many fun things (and possibly a few more) to look forward to definitely helps get that training mojo going.

One thing I think will also help is that the Surrey Marathon is holding a cool kick-off celebration event this Friday.  Starting at 5:00 am, there will be fitness classes, a pancake breakfast, live broadcasting on our local news and appearances by local celebrities.  The whole thing sounds like a fun way to get people pumped for the start of marathon training and what's even better is that the earlier you show up, the bigger discount you can get on your registration.  

We're heading out for Seattle that afternoon but Krista and I are going to try and get down to the celebration for the crack of dawn at 5:00 am.  And if a 5:00 am wakeup call doesn't make my mind start feeling like it's in training mode, then I don't know what will!

Do you find its a slow start back into a new training schedule?  Got any hot tips for getting those training mojo juices flowing?
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