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transition IN transition.

Posted Jan 05 2012 5:37pm


well, its been 4 days since I landed on the island of oahu. 

before I left, I felt like puking every single second. I was nervous and excited about the whole thing in general, I was scared to take a very long plane ride alone, and well . . . I was scared of the period of transition IN transition .

the reason I came out here is because I have a few months with nothing holding me back.  I wanted to spend those months getting experience cooking, finishing my holistic life coaching certification, working on my t-shirt business, re-vamp balancing Val and blog the shit out of this adventure as well as figure out a better idea of how I want to run my own career/business once I return home. of course included in that is to have a rad time, relax and let go but even with that, it’s a lot to take on!

its especially a lot when you don’t really know anything about your surroundings or have your own ‘things’. luckily for me, I at least  know the person I am staying with, though its been a very long time since we really talked or saw each other last. im very grateful hes letting me have this adventure here. hes awesome dude and we seem to be getting along well.

even so, I  feel like im intruding on his routine. having to rely on someone else for pretty much everything right now is taking me COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. ive always been very independent and have taken care of myself (and others) for such a long time so this is all so new and challenging for the brainz.

the good thing is that I know myself well enough to know that this uncomfortable feeling is the force behind my drive. when it feels like transition, I know that I will do everything I can to grab my bearings and create something of my own.

so, after this weekend the job search will begin full force.  all I really want is to either cook somewhere or work any job at the health food market around close enough to get to on my own. its honestly been a long time since food and cooking were a part of my life and I feel like a part of me is missing without it. im excited to find a routine and do lots of cooking at the condo even though my roommate is pretty good too!

I know you were all hoping my first post here would be more of me gushing about the warmth and shoving pretty pictures in your face and I promise ill get there in time. I  havent seen much yet and I just gotta go with what comes first.

however, I can leave you with  some instagram pics from the past few days . . .

I got my houndstooth luggage for christmas! I brought this bag and a smaller bag with me . . . and that’s it. *side note- I am now ridiculously obssessed with the print.

ive been going to work with my roommate every day and he takes random breaks here.  I wish I knew how to surf . . . it looks like so much fun. hm, maybe I will!

here is the dinner I was made on my birthday (yes, im 27 now . . . blech). grilled pork with homemade bbq sauce. delicious

I took this outside just now while on the phone.


im a picture whore . . .

off to see what the rest of the day brings!

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