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Trails, Times and Roadkill

Posted Oct 06 2012 8:45pm
Today's run was appropriately named, as you can see. This was from the warmth of my Jeep before the race started. It hadn't quite hit 40 yet and I am not too good with the cold!
The entrance to the wooded area where the race was held. Interesting history you can read about here . It was a beautiful park, just crazy cold! Notice the crazy people in shorts? Yeah, they look cold! This path was the beginning of the course. Up on the left you can see a small white sign that directed us onto the path in the woods.  I wish I had walked back up on there so you could see all the roots and trees and the hefty hill that we climbed...I am thankful that I have hills on my training runs! A lot fell victim to the trail and opted to walk. Not me...Beast Mode in effect! HA!! Of course, I didn't get any pictures while I was running. It took me about 1.5 miles to begin to feel my feet and legs. I was FREEZING! The race was scheduled to start at 9:00, so I stayed in the car until 8:30. Happy to report since it was a state park that there was a real bathroom! No porta-potties - Yay!I have to say, probably the coolest beginning of a race I have been to, so far.
The run benefited the Thin Blue Line of Michigan . The Michigan State Police hosted the run and our race shirts list the names of 4 fallen police officers from the past year.
Their families were there and walking in their memory. Police vehicles were present to tour, etc. A motorcycle club that is affiliated with law enforcement (retired, etc) helped with the race, as well. There was a chaplain that gave a prayer prior to a bag piper playing "Amazing Grace". Very touching!The bag piper then led us all in a procession to the start of the race. Very cool!The downside is that the race wasn't chip timed. I had such a great race that I wonder what my time would have been had it been chip timed! Oh well. Ha! I felt great, despite the numb legs (yes, the opening ceremony and procession were cool but we stood out in the cold a lot longer than we would have otherwise!) The last mile was all trail in the middle which had me stepping cautiously, but I had been behind this same kid for the longest! He was probably 12, maybe and was more concerned about me than actually running. When I got closer to him, he would speed up! OMG! I thought he would fall since he spent so much time looking over his shoulder!So here is where I admit that I am a tiny bit extremely competitive...This kid was getting on my nerves...the last quarter mile was ahead of us and it was on the paved path. Well, he tried so hard to stay ahead of me, but I left him in the dust. Yes, there is no shame in my game...I left that kid for road kill out there! HaHa! He was nowhere near me at the finish. I swear I did not say Ha-Ha or anything as I ran by (Not out loud anyway!) Me, post race! Yup, it was a Tigger hat kind of day! Silly me forgot to stop my watch so I had no idea what my time was going to be.
My official time for 5k #7, Trail Race #1...~27:33~I placed 2nd in my age group.
Happy Dance!
Ironically, this is the first race I have been in that only gives a medal for the 1st person in each age group. Admission #2...I think it would be cool to have gotten a medal.I don't think that makes me a bad person, does it?! Ha!Being happy about beating a kid that was 30 years younger than me might, but the medal things is ok...Right?!
It has been a great day! My sweetie had a great relay race this weekend, I treated myself to a movie, and I have (so far) exceeded all my running goals and am still shocked, amazed and proud of myself!
I hope everyone has had a great race weekend!
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