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Trails and Trials; Trials and Trails.

Posted Mar 07 2010 6:28pm

Hello lovelies!

I went out and hit the trails this morning…it was amazingly beautiful out and I was excited for another unplugged run.  I did take my garmin this time, so, I guess it was just “less-plugged.”  I did my “long” run (the quotations are because it was just 12 miles, which in the grand scheme of my life isn’t that long…) late yesterday, so my legs were beat.  But, when people pick which trail to go on, I go.  I like being with people.  So, I go.  But.  Oh heavens.

We hit the HARDEST trail out in the area where we were.  Seriously.  3 miles of climbs that vary between 400 to 500ft of ascent. 3 miles with 200-400 ft of ascent. I was DEAD.  When I finished, I felt like I had run 20 miles hard.  But, it was just 6 miles.  Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and up and up a mountain.  And up a mountain again. It was good though.  Great to be with friends.  Great to get outside.  And great to work out some of my trials while out in the trails.

Which is good.  Because we start a two week jury trial session tomorrow.  And…I have about 15 cases still in jury trial status on the calendar.  Which meant an extended afternoon in the jail chatting with clients.  I’m generally against jail visits on the weekends…especially when it is beautiful outside.  But, sometimes it’s got to be done.

Given the long afternoon/evening at the jail, I didn’t manage to get everything on my to do list done this weekend, but I did get a lot done.  I weighed the benefits of finishing the to do list at the expense of my (quickly impending) bedtime and a nice homecooked Sunday dins.

And Sunday dins are important.  It’s all about family.  Even if you are eating by yourself. Right?  Right.  More importantly I have Leftovers (with a capital L) for lunches throughout the week.  Lots and lots of leftovers.

Starting off with Stuffed Green Peppers.  With Eggplant.

And onion and garlic, cooked with 1/2 cup water until soft.

Add stewed tomatoes and corn (I was a little hesitant about the corn in the recipe, but it turned out yummers).

Added quinoa (substituted for the recipe’s rice).

Then stuffed pepper halves (and was left with about 9/10 of the stuffing…lunch?)

Baked on 350* for 45 minutes, then topped with cheddar cheese and bake 5 more minutes.  While the peppers were baking, though, I got started on a Spicy Okra Stew.

Onion, okra, and garlic sauteed in evoo.

Coriander, Cayenne Pepper, and Cumin are added with three tomatoes and a cup of water.  Boiled until sauce thickens.

Oh no!  Tomato Down! Tomato Down!

Um, my knife is dirty.  Ick.  Don’t pay attention to that.

Alrighty folks, it’s time for us to hit the hay.  B says good night.

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