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Trail Running

Posted Apr 16 2012 4:16pm

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Stationary bike – 10 minutes
  • Treadmill 25 minutes

After Body Pump this morning, I wanted to hop on the treadmill for a bit, but when I got to the fitness room all of the treadmills were occupied. Geesh. How can I run on the treadmill if you’re running on the treadmill? Instead I spent 10 minutes on the stationary bike until a treadmill opened up.

I planned on doing run/walk intervals today, but my legs disagreed. They thought it was best just to walk. Geesh, legs, how can I run if you’re not going to? My calf is super tight from yesterday and the front of my ankle hurts, which reminds me that I need to put ice on it. It even hurts when I push the gas pedal. Damn. Let’s get it together here legs and feet. Suck it up.

So, I ended up walking at 4.0 mph with a few minutes of jogging thrown in there for 25 minutes. I finished up with 10 minutes of stretching, and then had a thinkThin bar to get my protein in.


Jaden brought a packet of hot chocolate home with him from my brother’s house, so I made if for him during lunch. I went to set it down on the table, and I missed. I spilled the whole mug of hot chocolate all over Jaden and  his lunch. It was everywhere. Jaden was covered from head to toe in hot chocolate. Luckily, it was only warm and not super hot.

Let me tell you, that was a giant pain to clean up. Then I had to make him a whole new lunch since all his food was soaked. And yes, I spilled it because I missed the table. That kind of thing happens to me. I’m clumsy and I know it. I also am the kind of person that trips on flat surfaces.

Finally, I got around to making my lunch – a bagelwich with cottage cheese and a clementine.

I just bought two Laughing Cow cheeses and have been using them in place of my normal slice of Muenster cheese. I love the new veggie flavor.

I also read the Runner’s World special – The Trail.

I have run on a trail only a few times in my life, but I really like it. One of my favorite races was a Halloween trail 5k race with obstacles. I think I was the only one in my family who enjoyed that race, which is surprising because from the race I went straight to the doctor’s office because I had torn rib cartilage (not fun).

Personally, I just think trail running is a lot of interesting than road running. Once again this is surprising because I am the girl who trips over flat surfaces, and trail running is bumpy. But I think trail running is a great way to change things up.

Questions of the day:

  • Where do you prefer to run? Trail? Roads? The treadmill?
  • What did you have for lunch today?

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