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For breakfast this morning, I had strawberry greek yogurt, topped with my favorite granola – Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch.


I stopped at Jewel this afternoon to get a whole wheat roll to make a sandwich for lunch.

I found this little vampire in the backseat when I got to the store:

I love that all the stores have their fall items displayed:

I can’t wait to start getting my fall decorations out!

I got the roll and picked up some salmon for dinner. For lunch, I made a veggie sandwich with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, green & red peppers, red onion, and feta.

My son stealing his favorite cheese off my sandwich:

Then I topped my sandwich with Doritos because I am still five years old (I also still cut my crust off bread).

Trail Running Etiquette

Workout: Ran 6.2 miles at a local trail, which brings me to the whole point of my post – trail/track running etiquette.

I run a local running trail, which is about a mile around. People run/walk/bike in both directions. I have come to realize that most people lack common sense, especially when it comes to running on a two-way trail.

Today I was running and a lady stopped right in the middle of the trail to talk to another lady who was walking her dog. They’re chatting and I’m getting closer and the lady in the middle isn’t moving.

Now a lady on a bicycle is coming in the other direction, and the lady standing in the middle doesn’t even budge. And I know she sees the lady on the bike because she is facing her and I know she can hear me coming up behind her because I am not a quiet runner.

So, I am getting closer and closer and so is the lady on the bike. Dumb lady standing in the way doesn’t even care. At this point I should have called out, but I was running hard and on my last mile, and could hardly breath at this point, let alone speak.

So, finally the bike starts to swerve, trying to anticipate which way I am going to go, and I am trying to run around dumb lady and avoid the bike and end up almost falling down a hill. Luckily, everyone got out unscathed, but that lady seriously pissed me off.

I made a rude noise as I ran by and turned to give her a dirty look and she never even noticed, just went on chatting away. She was totally oblivious to anything going on around her.

I tried to get a pic when I got back to my car, but I was really far away. And she was still there standing in the middle of the trail when I left.

Running on a trail or track is like driving your car on the road, you follow the same rules.

1. Stay on your side of the trail when you run and pass on the left. Just like you stay in your lane when you drive.

2. DO NOT stop in the very middle of the trail to chit-chat. If you need to chit-chat, move THREE steps off to the side and into the grass. Next time, I will just run right into you.

You wouldn’t stop your car in the middle of the road to talk to someone in another car, so don’t do it where people are running/walking/biking either.

On a positive note, the local high school also uses the track to walk. When they see me  or another runner coming someone yells out, “etiquette” and the whole class moves nicely to one side so that the runner can pass.

Dumb lady should take a lesson from the high school kids.

3. This goes along with #2, if you have a group of people walking, don’t walk straight across so that you are blocking the whole trail and I can’t get by you. Or at least move to the side when you see me coming. I will run through and into you.

4. I will say hi to you once when we pass by. Really, I don’t want to say hi at all, but after reading Monica’s post on safety running tips, I have tried to make more of an effort to do so.

But I will only acknowledge you once, not every single time we pass each other. I’m not being a biotch, I’m just not a great runner, so I am using all of my energy to run and breath at the same time.

5. Put your dog on a leash. I love that you have a dog. I love that you and your dog are exercising, but put your dog on a leash.

It amazes me that people would let their dog run around like crazy where people are running. I have seen this happen. I thought the dog was lost because there was no one else in sight. Nope, the owners just didn’t feel like he needed a leash.

Seriously? Oh and if your dog chases me when I’m running, we’re going to have a problem.

Do you have any running etiquette to add?

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