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Posted Mar 26 2011 8:07pm

This morning I was in trail running heaven!! But, if you start from the beginning...I woke up and today was NASTY. It was raining, it was VERY windy & it was cold. I was so excited to go running with my friend & best trail buddy Dawn, but the weather was terrible & made it not look so appealing. But I’m not one to turn down a trail run with an old friend.

Dawn and I have done a lot of trail stuff together...we’ve run, hiked, biked & snow-shoed. She was the one who introduced me to mountain biking and I love it (even though the last time I got on my bike at all was when I was 2 months prego with my little man!)

Our run today was spent catching up & enjoying the trails. It’s amazing how fun trail running is and how you don’t even realize you have gone as long or far as you have! We went 4.88 miles today (I think that’s what you said Dawn!). I didn’t get a picture of us, but here is one from a few years back snowshoeing!

Dawn and Kiley's Hike 008

After that run, I decided I wanted some more. My sister-in-law was babysitting my little man (my man went fishing with his brother) & I took full advantage of my free time! I headed up to the gym & ran another 5.12 on the treadmill (the weather on the trails was GREAT but still terrible in town). 0326111225a

So, my total miles today = 10! Thanks for doing half of it with me Dawn!

The best part about my running today...I did it all without any extra support or cushioning in my shoes. shoe insert

Normally I run with my custom made orthotics, but they were still damp from my beach run & gave me blisters the last time. Not only that, but I took out the insert that comes in the shoe to make room for my I was totally support & cushion free on my runs today. 0326111237a

That is my step closer to becoming a barefoot runner. Don’t think I can go completely barefoot (maybe ever) but I think I might try going without all the other support (as long as my knees don’t mind it!)

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