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Trading in my running shoes for a night of glam...

Posted Jun 24 2013 6:32pm
The past week has been filled with so many fun events and races, I have a ton of things to get caught up on and post about.  So here goes...

Last Wednesday I had the chance to trade in my beloved Mizunos for a pair of high heels and attend GLAM! the much-anticipated celebration of the city's Top 30 Mom Bloggers.

The event was hosted by the lovely ladies of at the ultra cool Gastown store and tasting room, Secret Location . As soon as I arrived I could tell they worked very hard to make this event a truly special evening for those of us nominated and all the other talented women who attended in support and celebration.  I wasn't the big winner but I have to send out a huge thank you for your votes as they earned me a place in the Top 10 which I'm pretty proud of.

Photo courtesy of the Secret Location website
I just love getting all gussied up for fancy events and all of the chatter on Twitter and Facebook prior to the event confirmed that this event would be no different.  You will usually find me in my running or workout gear (oft times even, ahem, sweaty from said running and working out!) so the chance to get dolled up in heels and a fancy dress was a real treat for this running mama.

As usual however, at least since having kids it seems, getting the uninterrupted chance to actually fix myself up was nearly impossible.  So instead of calmly doing my makeup and hair and perhaps even enjoying a glass of wine while doing so, I had my hair straightener in one hand, makeup in the other and was trying to simultaneously referee the boys arguments and paint my toenails all at once.  Not being terribly gifted in the hair and makeup department I figured I was lucky to even get as "glammed up" as I did.

Once hair and makeup was done it was a whirlwind trip through the kitchen to take out the chicken I roasted for Hubs' dinner and throw together a brown bag dinner for the boys since they'd be driving into Vancouver with me to be dropped off at Daddy's office for the return trip home.  I kind of had to laugh to myself how typical it was that I was doing so many things at once in order to attend of all things, a mom blogger event - our work as moms, it seems, is never done.  And then, after getting everyone and everything packed into the truck, it was halfway downtown that I realized I'd forgotten my mascara.  Oops, I guess as a busy mom you just can't win them all.

Anyhow, upon arriving at the event I had to make one last trip to the washroom just to make sure that my "glam" still looked "glam" enough.  Nothing quite like a bathroom selfie to confirm...

Although I was super excited to be attending this event, I have to be honest that I was a little bit nervous about the evening.  I've attended many networking events through work etc. but this was my first one related to blogging and with a crowd of so many women I currently admire.  I was thankful that pretty much as soon as I entered the room, everyone was so welcoming and friendly.

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie and Robin right away and immediately knew that the evening was going to be great.  When you're attending an event full of outgoing, talkative and talented ladies like this one, I really had no need to have been nervous...

Thanks Natalie for the picture!
Much of the evening was spent mingling and getting to know these ladies who I'd been reading about since the nominations were published back in May.  Many I had gotten to know through conversations on our blogs and Twitter but there were many I was meeting for the first time and either way, it was so nice to put faces to the names and get a chance to chat in real life.

I met the lovely Nadia from Mama and the City ...

And spent a good part of the night chatting fitness and blogging with Tamara of fitknitchick and Julie of 3 Chickens and a Boat .  Both of these ladies are so talented and encouraging and it felt like we had  been friends already because they were so friendly and welcoming.  I look forward to getting to know and hopefully collaborate with them in the future!

I also got to meet and chat with fellow Langley mama, Christine Nielsen of  who I was recently introduced to through a mutual friend of ours but sadly, did not get a picture with.  It is so great to meet other local moms who are doing the same kinds of things and so successfully, I have much to learn from all these ladies.

It was so lovely to meet such a kind group of women who all share the same talents and interest in blogging, social media, parenthood and our city.  In a way, I have found blogging to be a bit lonely in the sense that many of the people I interact with through my blog are not necessarily a part of my day-to-day life.  Few of my long-standing friends are involved in social media in any way and although I have shared my blog with them over the years, blogging is one area we can't really share thoughts and ideas in.  In some ways it almost feels like I have two sets of friends - those who blog and those who don't - and it's just lovely to see more of my blogging relationships becoming a part of my day-to-day life.  

One thing I have heard over and over again from larger and more successful bloggers is to foster and take care of the relationships you build with other bloggers.  I am hoping this has been the start of just that because I already feel very fortunate to have been invited into this wonderful and oh so supportive community of local bloggers.

I feel like I met so many ladies I got along with really well at the GLAM! event and I am looking so forward to seeing where our new friendships and possibly even collaborative partnerships will take us.  It was so cool to connect with moms and bloggers from other areas of interest as well to share and compare between our fields.  

In a complete fail of blogger my typical tendencies,
I only snapped a shot of our amuse bouche,
the rest of the meal was so delicious though...

The GLAM! event was a truly fantastic evening and I am feeling so lucky not just to have attended but to have been included on a list of such talented and successful local bloggers and moms.  If you haven't yet had the chance, you can check out the other Top 30 nominees and the overall contest winner Mitzi at East Van Baby  who did wonderfully speaking to a packed crowd about her blog and how it came to be.

Despite the lovely new friends, swanky party, good food and fantastic swag bag, the "best" part of the evening definitely had to be the moment when driving home at 11:00pm I suddenly remembered that chicken I had dutifully roasted for my husband's dinner...I had completely forgotten to tell him it was warming in the oven!  I'm sure would have much preferred roast chicken over the grilled cheese he threw together!  Like I said earlier, as a busy mom you just can't win them all!

Needless to say, we had a pretty good chuckle picking away at cold roast chicken that night as I told him all about my evening...

You can learn more about by following their blog and see pictures and messages about this event by searching #GLAM and #VM2013 on Twitter and Instagram...
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